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25 Random Facts About Little Old Me

Hey world! Did you miss me? It seems like it has been a while since I posted anything, so I need to get back into the content swing. Now seems like the perfect time to reach out to my readers and tell you a little about myself. So, just for fun… here are some random facts that may help you understand my style POV and my blog thoughts.

  • I was born and raised near Columbus, OH, but have made my home in St. Louis, MO for my adult life
  • I think that otters are the cutest animals that have ever been created
  • I arrange my closet by color and sleeve length
  • I can’t watch movies about dogs because they make me ugly cry
  • I hate green beans because they squeak when I eat them
  • I have a lazy eye that has been surgically corrected twice… but it still makes 3D movies terrible and Magic Eye books a lie
  • I use a paper planner and am obsessed with decorating it with stickers and pretty pens
  • I started drinking gin and tonics because they remind me of my Grammy… something about the way they smell makes my heart feel at home
  • I believe new school supplies are one of the best things ever! (Thanks, Dad)
  • I developed a love for classic films, by watching a whole lot of TCM and AMC with my Mom as a teenager
  • I have taken tap dancing lessons for the last two years because of La La Land
  • I enjoy singing loudly and dramatically… in my car, in the store, in a mirror…
  • I was convinced that I hated seafood (even though I hadn’t tried it) until I was in my 30’s… my husband and brother teased me until I took a bite. It was life changing.
  • I love to go to the pool and the beach, but I don’t know how to swim
  • I have super wide, flat feet that make sucking noises on the bare floor
  • I have distinct clothing memories and can remember exactly what I was wearing during important moments of my life
  • I really don’t understand the obsession with BBQ
  • I am a Hufflepuff through and through
  • I have an issue with collecting mass quantities of my favorite things
  • I think leftovers are disgusting and make my husband eat all of them
  • I love the word “shiny”
  • I love photographs of people, places, and memories … they are my most treasured possessions
  • I think circus peanuts and candy corn are delicious
  • I am obsessed with autumn… boots, pumpkins, sweaters, bonfires, college football, etc.
  • I should be doing school work right now… but I am really distractible!

So, it’s back to a little more regular content from here on out. Let me know if there are any stories or posts you would be interested in reading. Body positivity, fashion, fandom, whatever. What would you like to hear?

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