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Trying New Stuff: Snarky Tea Get Fit Detox

Back in July, I published an article about my favorite teas. A friend had asked me for recommendations, and I thought it was interesting enough to share with everyone! After the article was posted, Snarky Tea, one of the brands I love, contacted me through social to see if I would be interested in being a tea ambassador for them. Heck yes, I would! I was sent a package of Snarky Tea in exchange for reviews and social promotion. I certainly have no trouble talking about the things I love.

It was super exciting to receive a box of Snarky surprises! The package included Snarky’s six week Get Fit program with Detox and Cleanse teas, samples of each of their regular Snarky Teas, and a fun bottle to take my daily detox to work. Plus, there were cute cards of encouragement and lots of information about the tea for me to share with you.

I am starting Get Fit today, and plan to check back along the six weeks to give updates about how I feel. I will say up front, I am NOT doing this to lose weight, nor am I expecting a weight loss result. However, I am genuinely interested in tea for the physical and mental health benefits it provides. School starts this week, which usually leaves me feeling drained, gross, and exhausted. I am hoping that I will get a boost from the tea program.

I’m also stoked to try the Snarky Teas that I haven’t tried before, especially the ones that promote good sleep. The names and motivation behind each tea are fierce and fun.

Want to take a tea adventure with me? Go to http://www.snarkytea.com?aff=129 and pick up the six week Get Fit kit. Or better yet, find a tea to suit your mood and sip fiercely! Keep on Snarkin’, friends.

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