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Snarky Tea Detox… Week 1 Update

Last week, I shared that I had been selected to be a tea affiliate for Snarky Tea. They sent me an awesome box of goodies with delicious tea and a whole lot of sass. One of the products included was a six week supply of their Detox and Cleanse teas. I was asked to try the six week challenge, and share some real feedback with the company and my readers. I am one week in, and here’s the scoop so far.

First off, I will say the tea tastes great! I have tried it both iced and hot, and either way it is pleasant and easy drinking. Detox contains ginger, holy basil, and dandelion root. It’s a gentle tea, without a strong ginger flavor, which I appreciate. During the six week challenge, I am supposed to drink this tea each morning before breakfast. Cleanse contains fenugreek and senna, and is a nice mild tea, designed to help with bloating. It is recommended to drink this twice a week after dinner.

I’m not sure how I am “supposed” to feel while on the six week challenge. Here is what I do know… First, I feel as if I feel full at meals a bit faster. Cool. I am sleeping better, but that could be a result of the first week of school, which always kicks my butt. Either way, great. Plus, I am definitely, to put it delicately, more regular. Score! All good things.

I can’t say that I am seeing any physical differences yet. Honestly, I didn’t really expect that the tea would be some magic pill. Many people taking the challenge have reported feeling less bloated and losing a few pounds. I can’t say that I have noticed any of that… at least not after a week. Again, weight loss is NOT my goal in trying the Snarky Tea Detox. I just want to feel healthier and more energetic. I will say that it has definitely helped with that. So, yay!!!!

#StaySnarky and try the six week detox for yourself! http://www.snarkytea.com?aff=129

Next week, I will share another update, along with a review of their snarky flagship teas.

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