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Snarky Tea Detox… The Final Verdict

At the beginning of the school year, I was contacted by Snarky Tea and asked to be a tea affiliate. I was really excited! I had tried several of the brand’s teas and loved them, so I was thrilled to have the chance to talk about them to others. The company was kind enough to send me a sampling of their Teas With Sass, along with the Six Week Get Fit Kit, which included their Detox and Cleanse teas. (I also got a snazzy tea travel bottle!)

When the package arrived, I started the Six Week Get Fit program right away, drinking a glass of the Detox every morning, and a glass of Cleanse twice a week. Let me state up front that I didn’t alter anything about my diet or exercise routine during the cleanse period. The Get Fit instructions ask that you eat a sensible diet and maintain an exercise routine, but if I changed anything the results would come from the diet, not the tea. I didn’t expect the tea to be a magic wand to take my fat away or make me feel like running a marathon. It was just like, “what do I have to lose by trying it?”

Both teas were delicious and contributed to a comforting morning routine. In fact, it really got my morning going to have a cuppa while getting ready for the day. The evening teas were a nice way to unwind after a long day too. Some people have complained that detox teas upset their digestive system, however, I did not experience anything like that.

The problem? I don’t feel like anything changed at all, other than the fact that I now need a cup of tea to start my morning… and maybe I was able to poo a little more regularly. I didn’t see any significant weight loss or change in my energy level or food cravings. I know that during the six weeks I had a lot of personal stress and anxiety in my life, which may have skewed the results… but probably not. Again, I didn’t expect the tea to be magic, but it felt rather disappointing to see such a minimal change in my life. Waa waa.

The thing is, even though the detox may not have turned out to be much for me, I still LOVE Snarky Tea. Their collection of fierce Teas With Sass taste delicious and make me feel like a total badass as I drink them. They have given me energy, made me feel like I could punch the day in the face, and calmed my hurting heart. I love Fierce B*tch and Calm the F*ck down for both their flavor and their sass. And Basic B*tch speaks to me on a spiritual level. I mean seriously, “Go ahead and bask in your love for Ryan Gosling while you French braid your bestie’s hair and wrap a fake Burberry scarf around your neck.” Did they climb in my window?!

Plus, Snarky Tea offers a range of candles and teaware to go along with the teas that make awesome gifts for your fierce friends. For real, I love this company, whether they helped me lose a few lbs or not. Go get you some.

Wanna try Snarky tea for yourself? Check it out at http://www.snarkytea.com?aff=129

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