Jeff Dresses Jennifer For Work Week… An Annual Experiment

A few years ago, my husband read an article online about a man who decided to dress his wife for a whole week of work. As a fashion conscious man himself, Jeff decided he wanted to take on that challenge and Jeff Dresses Jennifer For Work Week was born. Each year during the week before my spring break, he builds my entire style for the day from head to toe. This includes my outfit, accessories, shoes, and hair style. He spends hours researching current trends on Pinterest and YouTube, then spends a few more hours digging through the closet and drawers with fervor to find the perfect outfit for each day. It is equal parts adorable and scary to see how much passion and effort he puts into this experiment.

It started off as a bit of a joke, but my students fell in love with the experiment and ask all year… “Is it almost time?” They really enjoy commenting on whether Jeff has been successful or if he should keep his day job. This year was the fourth year in a row that he has done this challenge.

There are a few rules to this annual fashion challenge. First, Jeff must pick the entire style on his own, with no help from me… however, he can consult online resources. Second, he must use items that I already own in my closet. Third, I have to wear the complete outfit all day… even if I think it looks scary. And last, I am not allowed to protest, even if something is out of my style comfort zone.

To be honest, he really DOES do a good job on his styling almost every day. He is also a kind enough person that he is not going to dress me in something that is unprofessional or terrifying. It’s just that sometimes he takes risks that are a bit out of my personal realm of possibility. (Ahem… pattern mixing!)

Overall, the week was a big success. I felt confident and stylish each day! Jeff created themes that were fun and on trend. Even when he was pushing me a bit, I really felt like it worked. See what I mean in the next post…

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