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STL Adventures: Boujee Tea at La Patisserie

Have you ever entered a place so beautiful and magical that it brings you joy? A place filled to the brim with sugary, delectable treats too perfect to eat? Somewhere so Instagrammably wonderful you want to share it with your friends and never leave? I have found that perfect place in La Patisserie St. Louis.… Continue reading STL Adventures: Boujee Tea at La Patisserie

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STL Adventures: Baetje Farms

Welcome to Goatoberfest 2020 Less than an hour south of St. Louis, nestled in the countryside of Ste. Genevieve County, is a magical goat wonderland! Baetje Farms (pronounced like bay-gee) is the home of the cutest goats and tastiest, small-batch artisan goat cheeses around. If you are looking for a fun field trip, and a… Continue reading STL Adventures: Baetje Farms

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Beer Leap 2020

It comes around once every four years... Leap Day! It's a bonus day in February to cross things off your to-do list, seize the day, and all that stuff. However, THIS year Leap Day fell on a weekend, which means a bonus day to waste time. What did I do on this glorious, sunny day… Continue reading Beer Leap 2020

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Subscription Box Love: Blooming With Joy Tea

I've said it before, I love getting things in the mail! No, not junk mail or bills... those make me sad. I enjoy getting mail that is addressed with love to me. It's so exciting to open up a piece of correspondence that contains a sweet surprise, pretty paper goods, or a kind note of… Continue reading Subscription Box Love: Blooming With Joy Tea

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STL Food and Drink: Noto Italian Reataurant

One of our favorite activities as a couple is exploring local restaurants and bars. Luckily, St. Louis has an ever-evolving food scene that rivals what’s happening in much larger cities. Yeah, the BBQ here is good... but St. Louis has a plethora of chefs and restaurateurs that are creating innovative global fare. I keep a… Continue reading STL Food and Drink: Noto Italian Reataurant