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44 Things I Have Learned In 44 Years

As of today, I have been alive for 16,071 days. That's right... today is my 44th birthday. I’ve had 16,071 opportunities to navigate the world, learn, grow, make some noise, and try to do something that matters. I have filled my story with characters and lessons that help complete my narrative. I’ve filled my chapters… Continue reading 44 Things I Have Learned In 44 Years


Five Plus Size Fashion Trends That Should Just Die Already

I really, REALLY appreciate the Plus Size fashion industry. I love that there are brands out there, trying to create an inclusive space for all bodies to feel beautiful and worthy. I know that sometimes our bodies are hard to work with and that designers don't exactly know what to do with us. I also… Continue reading Five Plus Size Fashion Trends That Should Just Die Already

Book Reviews

Book Review: Insta Style

It's crazy to think that I have been working as an Influencer of sorts for over five years. It's funny how something that started as a bit of a joke with my students, has grown into something that I am quite proud of! I love sharing my passion for fashion and body acceptance with others.… Continue reading Book Review: Insta Style


My Autumn Style Essentials

Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year! The trees burst with color... the temperatures become cool and crisp... we get ready to celebrate with family during the coming months... and the world prepares in wonder to enjoy the beauty of change and renewal. Now, October has arrived... that means autumn has officially arrived,… Continue reading My Autumn Style Essentials


What Makes You Beautiful

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Honestly though, it's hard to FEEL beautiful in a world where everything around you is yelling what is beautiful and what is not. How can we compete with a set of rules that tell us that thin is beautiful... perfection is beautiful... polished is… Continue reading What Makes You Beautiful