This Is Not A Compliment

Words are the most powerful thing in the world. They have the ability to completely uplift or utterly destroy in a single sentence. Each day, we are presented with hundreds of opportunities to affect the people around us with our words. Like it or not, each person is responsible for the words they utter every… Continue reading This Is Not A Compliment


Waxing Poetic About The Mall

I'm not sure what makes me feel older... the fact that I watch the stories on PBS News Hour and CBS Sunday morning, or the fact that the nostalgia they tell occurred in my lifetime. Getting old sure is weird, isn't it? In any case, this afternoon I watched a story about a woman who… Continue reading Waxing Poetic About The Mall

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A Pair For Every Outfit

How old were you when you started wearing glasses? My sister was in second grade. I remember how frustrating it was for her, always sporting big, plastic 80's frames. I was one of the lucky ones. I was able to see just fine, never having to worry about how "uncool" glasses made me look. Honestly,… Continue reading A Pair For Every Outfit

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STL Adventures: Boujee Tea at La Patisserie

Have you ever entered a place so beautiful and magical that it brings you joy? A place filled to the brim with sugary, delectable treats too perfect to eat? Somewhere so Instagrammably wonderful you want to share it with your friends and never leave? I have found that perfect place in La Patisserie St. Louis.… Continue reading STL Adventures: Boujee Tea at La Patisserie