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Body Positive Book Reviews: The Body Positive Journal

"Your body is not the problem. The way you've been taught to see your body is. Remember that you're art." -Virgie Tovar January... ugh! January is my least favorite month of the year. From the fact that it is always cold and gloomy to its lack of anything special, the entire month is just a… Continue reading Body Positive Book Reviews: The Body Positive Journal

Book Reviews

Body Positive Book Reviews: Starfish

Over the last few years, positive fat representation in literature has been growing. From books that demand equality for all bodies, to self-help books that empower people to boldly accept themselves, to works of fiction that set fat people as the main character... books are allowing people of ALL sizes to be the hero. It's… Continue reading Body Positive Book Reviews: Starfish


What Makes You Beautiful

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Honestly though, it's hard to FEEL beautiful in a world where everything around you is yelling what is beautiful and what is not. How can we compete with a set of rules that tell us that thin is beautiful... perfection is beautiful... polished is… Continue reading What Makes You Beautiful

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Bounce To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

Have you watched Vivo on Netflix? The latest film from Sony Pictures Animation is a vibrant, sweet, and at times sad (why do cartoons always gotta do that to me?!) tale of a little kinkajou on a journey to deliver an important song from Havana to Miami. Plus, it features an incredible, upbeat score, penned… Continue reading Bounce To The Beat Of Your Own Drum

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Mosquito Bites

I have been mid-sized to plus sized pretty much my whole life. I mean seriously, I even weighed over ten pounds at birth! Yes, I am fat... (See? I said it and it doesn't bother me)... but in a lot of ways, my body was just built sturdier. No matter what I do, I will… Continue reading Mosquito Bites