Book Reviews

Book Review: Insta Style

It's crazy to think that I have been working as an Influencer of sorts for over five years. It's funny how something that started as a bit of a joke with my students, has grown into something that I am quite proud of! I love sharing my passion for fashion and body acceptance with others.… Continue reading Book Review: Insta Style


What Makes You Beautiful

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Honestly though, it's hard to FEEL beautiful in a world where everything around you is yelling what is beautiful and what is not. How can we compete with a set of rules that tell us that thin is beautiful... perfection is beautiful... polished is… Continue reading What Makes You Beautiful


Arula: New Store Name, Same Great Experience

The surprise is out… as of today, A’Beautiful Soul is now Arula. The Mid-Size and Plus Size sister brand of Altar'd State has been hinting of a change on the horizon for a few weeks. Well, the website has been launched and storefronts have been rebranded to reflect the new moniker. The marketing team is… Continue reading Arula: New Store Name, Same Great Experience