Wear What Makes You Happy… Right Now

I have always loved fashion. There's something about an outfit's ability to tell a story that has always resonated with me. It's why my Barbies had so many clothes. It's what I found so romantic about the classic films I watched with my Mom. And it's why I can distinctly remember what outfit I was… Continue reading Wear What Makes You Happy… Right Now


Plus Size Clothing Review: Snag Tights

Can I just say it right now? I HATE wearing tights! I WANT to love them, I just don’t. I mean, I see pictures of people wearing them in adorable outfits and think, I want to do that. I know that my legs are getting old and beat up looking too, so tights could make… Continue reading Plus Size Clothing Review: Snag Tights


Plus Size Clothing Review: Vineyard Vines for Target

In February of 2019, Target announced that they would partner with lifestyle brand, Vineyard Vines, for a limited summer collaboration. This was super exciting to me! I have always loved the simple, preppy aesthetic of Vineyard Vines. Partnering with Target would make their clothes significantly more affordable. In addition to that, they would be offering clothes in Plus Sizes! While Vineyard Vines currently offers Big and Tall Men's, they have nothing available for Plus Size Women. This collaboration would give big girls like me a chance to try the brand for ourselves.