Arula: New Store Name, Same Great Experience

The surprise is out… as of today, A’Beautiful Soul is now Arula. The Mid-Size and Plus Size sister brand of Altar’d State has been hinting of a change on the horizon for a few weeks. Well, the website has been launched and storefronts have been rebranded to reflect the new moniker. The marketing team is really stoked about the future of the brand. But what does all of that mean for the customers?

We believe that feeling beautiful has a halo effect and that real connections happen through lifting each other up. Your beauty inspires us from the inside out and we’re here to celebrate you—every moment, every day.” (Arula)

What in the world does the name, Arula, mean anyway? (It sounds a bit like arugula to me.) After a quick Google search I found out that Arula is a Hindi word, meaning “shining as the sun; brilliant; filled with grace.” The name definitely suits the brand’s boho-chic style and encompasses their mission to inspire women to feel beautiful. I think it may take a while for customers to get used to the change, but I think with a bit of clever marketing, the name will be embraced quickly.

Why was the name change necessary? The shift hasn’t been 100% clear from what I have read. Maybe it’s because the previous name was a bit long and awkward with the apostrophe. In speaking with a local store manager, we discussed how the concept of a “soul” gets muddy for some customers. But my take is this… as a Plus Sized person, I get really tired of being told that I have a good personality or a pretty face, but the rest of me isn’t worth noticing. The name, A’Beautiful Soul, always had a smidge of that feeling in it to me… you know, like you’re only pretty inside. Perhaps, after speaking with other Plus Size influencers the brand received similar feedback and felt the change was necessary. Whatever the reason, I am glad that they have felt the need to celebrate our radiance.

What other changes will be coming for the brand? The brand has made clear that the clothing will not change. They are committed to fashion-forward, beautiful clothing that celebrates and empowers Mid-Sizes and Plus Sized bodies. They will also continue their mission to “stand out for good”, giving back, helping local community organizations, and providing encouragement to women worldwide. In the meantime… while stores like mine in St. Louis will remain attached to Altar’d State, stand-alone Arula stores are coming to malls where the brand is not already represented.

What do I hope will still happen? I mean, I am no expert, but I have been a loyal customer for a while and have been working as a Brand Ambassador for the last year. I LOVE Arula as a brand… the way the clothes make me feel… the way the store smells… the kindness and encouragement I receive on each visit and from each package I receive. But nothing is perfect, right? There are a few things I hope will be changed in the future.

  • I hope the sizing method changes. Much like the previous name, I feel like the sizing panders just a bit too much. Plus, it’s also incredibly confusing for new customers who are used to numeric sizing.
  • I want more merchandise to be offered across the size continuum. There are so many dressy, formal styles available at Altar’d State that I wish were offered at Arula.
  • I’d love to see more activewear… not athleisure, but stuff I can actually move in… and swimwear.

Arula is a brand that truly strives to HONOR and ENCOURAGE their customer. I know that they are listening and want to make the brand a safe and beautiful space. I can’t wait to see them get better and better…and to truly help Plus Size girls shine like the sun!

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