Plus Size Clothing Review: Ulla Popken

Since the moment Loft gave up on its Plus Size collection, I have been on the search for another go-to company for work clothes. In my classroom, I want to mix fun and festive clothing with professional and polished looks. I've really struggled to find the perfect brand. I've tried a brand that suits my… Continue reading Plus Size Clothing Review: Ulla Popken

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The Perfect Sports Bra?

Generic, one-size-fits-all approaches to fashion never work out well for any of us. Every single body has unique details and needs. Few of us have the talent to create our own clothes, or the means to pay for a bespoke wardrobe though. Most of us just settle for the best we can get. This is… Continue reading The Perfect Sports Bra?


Searching For a Fashion Unicorn: Strapless Bras

It's been a while since I've posted... anyone miss me? Every time I get into a routine of posting, school gets crazy. However, summer vacation is on its way, and with it comes more blog time. Yay! I want to do more try-ons, dig back into old series, and start a couple of new ones...… Continue reading Searching For a Fashion Unicorn: Strapless Bras


Plus Size Clothing Review: JessaKae

I love a good mystery box! Many brands promote "Mystery Sales" as a way to draw in new customers and introduce them to their key products. Though the items included in these boxes tend to be sale items, you are able to try out the brand, often at a fraction of regular retail price. I… Continue reading Plus Size Clothing Review: JessaKae


Styled By My Spouse 2022

Instagram loves a good Style Challenge, am I right? Many of the other influencers I follow participate in weekly or monthly challenges inspired by all sorts of things… Disney Characters, song lyrics, color schemes, and seasonal themes are often part of the rotation. I enjoy fashion challenges that are just a little bit scary… like… Continue reading Styled By My Spouse 2022