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2020 Swimwear Preview: Lane Bryant

Sigh... I am starting to fear that the best my bathing suit is going to see this summer is my backyard and ten thousand mosquitoes. However, I am still going through the exercise of finding the perfect suit, gosh dang it. A golden brown tan and the ocean waves are calling my name! I will… Continue reading 2020 Swimwear Preview: Lane Bryant

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2020 Plus Size Swimwear Preview: Loft

Shelter in place... what a strange thing to be doing over Spring Break! I can’t get a pedicure, go to the zoo, or wander the mall with a latte. However, I can sit at home with a drink and online shop... so that’s kind of the same thing, right? It makes swim try-on sessions a… Continue reading 2020 Plus Size Swimwear Preview: Loft

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2020 Plus Size Swimwear Preview: Torrid

As I am sitting in my house, stuck in quarantine like the rest of the world, I have been dreaming of better days. Days when we can once again interact with our friends, go on adventures, and feel the sun on our face. Fingers crossed that extreme measures have us returning to normal before very… Continue reading 2020 Plus Size Swimwear Preview: Torrid

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Trying New Stuff: Period Panties

Warning: This post contains material that can be uncomfortable for some readers. Periods. Panties. Reality. Reader discretion is advised. (Rolls eyes and continues to type.) If you stick with me, I have a referral discount at the end. I am a girl. I have a period. In fact, I have been having a period every… Continue reading Trying New Stuff: Period Panties


Designer Collab: Alison Hoenes

I am so glad to be friends with Alison Hoenes, a St. Louis designer, textile creator, and pattern maker. Not only is she a talented fashion designer, but is a loyal and thoughtful human being. In her personally owned small business, Alison helps womenswear brands keep control of their product development without having to deal… Continue reading Designer Collab: Alison Hoenes