Plus Size Clothing Review: Ivy City Co.

It’s no surprise to anyone who has been following me for a while that I LOVE dresses. In fact, they are my favorite article of clothing. Dresses make me feel beautiful, carefree, and joyful. Dresses help me celebrate everything that is great about being a woman. Dresses are easy to style and are perfect for every occasion. So, when I find a dress brand that is all about magic, friendship, and encouragement, you know I am going to check it out and support it with my whole heart. That’s just what I’ve found in Ivy City Co.

Ivy City Co. is a beautiful dress brand based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company is a proud woman-owned business, founded in 2015 by two best friends. Their mission was to design beautiful prints and silhouettes that would empower women to feel their very best. Ivy City offers dresses in every length, from mini to midi, and many have matching dresses for little girls. They also offer a small selection of jumpsuits, coats, and accessories that complete the look. The best part is, the adult dresses range from XS to 5X, making the brand accessible to a large variety of body sizes!

Femininity, quality, and originality are what Ivy City has in mind with each dress they create. The very first time I tried a dress on, I instantly felt the love that was poured into its design. I wanted to twirl and sing I Feel Pretty at the top of my lungs! The dresses feature quality fabric and tiny little details like embroidery, ribbons, and shimmer that make the designs feel special. Many dresses are offered in a variety of colors to suit each person’s personality. New collections are dropped every couple of months, so there’s always another piece that is calling to my closet.

For the most part, dresses run true to size. I am typically a size 22/24 in most brands and can wear a 3X in most Ivy City styles. Many dresses offer a smocked bodice or back that allow for a bit of breathing room. However, if a dress has a fitted bust or waist, I feel more comfortable in a 4X. The company is great about adding fit information in the description and will let consumers know if fabric has stretch or not. Some of the designs fit differently, so it is always best to know your measurements and check the size chart before ordering.

As a Plus Size person, I often struggle to find dresses that feel good on my body. Many just ignore fitted silhouettes and feel boxy or tent-like. Others use strange prints and colors that, frankly, look like they were designed to make fat people stand out. At Ivy City, that is not the case! Care is taken to ensure that Plus Size bodies are honored and feel as feminine and fantastic as their smaller, straight sized friends. When I wear a dress from Ivy City, I receive SO many compliments. I FEEL pretty and powerful. That’s a big deal.

My favorite part about Ivy City Co. is the positive encouragement and care they put into reaching out to their customers. The company has a very active social community, made of women who cheer each other on. Every time I have posted or reviewed anything, I have received an encouraging message from the brand that makes me smile. They also have an insider group on Facebook that always has fun discussions going on about how to style dresses with sneak previews of upcoming launches. Plus, the brand posts to a blog with fun content to encourage their followers with fun new ideas and ways to celebrate all sorts of occasions.

I am so glad to have found Ivy City Co. The dresses, the designs, and the community are just so positive, it makes me grin. On grey and gloomy days, I know that I can put on one of these dresses and feel a little more brave and beautiful. There is power in feeling pretty!

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