Back To School?

August 2020 is here, as weird as that sounds, and it's time to start preparing for school! The aisles of Target are filled with shiny new binders, bouquets of Flair pens, and piles and piles of pencils. This time of year, I can usually be found wandering the Back To School section with my chai… Continue reading Back To School?

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Trying New Things: Native Natural Body Care

Self care is an important factor in our mental health. Whether it's enjoying a cup of tea, a quiet moment alone, or diving into a good book, each little way of enjoying "me time" greatly improves our mood. For me, taking a shower with lovely smelling bath products and feeling fresh and clean is essential… Continue reading Trying New Things: Native Natural Body Care

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Mosquito Bites

I have been mid-sized to plus sized pretty much my whole life. I mean seriously, I even weighed over ten pounds at birth! Yes, I am fat... (See? I said it and it doesn't bother me)... but in a lot of ways, my body was just built sturdier. No matter what I do, I will… Continue reading Mosquito Bites


Plus Size Clothing Review: A’Beautiful Soul Denim 2020

If you have been following my blog or my Instagram for a while, you know that A'Beautiful Soul is one of my go-to brands for gorgeous, boho chic clothing. A'Beautiful Soul is a Plus Size sister brand of Altar'd State, a women's fashion brand with more than 100 boutiques in 30 states. It is a… Continue reading Plus Size Clothing Review: A’Beautiful Soul Denim 2020

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Burn It All Down

As I have shared before, I am a girl who lives by her planner. I have maintained a paper planner since high school and feel completely lost without it. To me, there's something therapeutic about filling the calendar with my plans, hopes, and dreams in all their color coded, sticker covered glory. I spend hours… Continue reading Burn It All Down