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STL Adventures: Baetje Farms

Welcome to Goatoberfest 2020 Less than an hour south of St. Louis, nestled in the countryside of Ste. Genevieve County, is a magical goat wonderland! Baetje Farms (pronounced like bay-gee) is the home of the cutest goats and tastiest, small-batch artisan goat cheeses around. If you are looking for a fun field trip, and a… Continue reading STL Adventures: Baetje Farms


Wear What Makes You Happy… Right Now

I have always loved fashion. There's something about an outfit's ability to tell a story that has always resonated with me. It's why my Barbies had so many clothes. It's what I found so romantic about the classic films I watched with my Mom. And it's why I can distinctly remember what outfit I was… Continue reading Wear What Makes You Happy… Right Now

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Photo Tips For Plus Sized People

The holidays are quickly approaching, and I am so excited! It's truly the most wonderful time of the year... even in this bizarre one we are now winding down. Soon the lights will twinkle and homes will be splashed in festive decor. There will be celebrations and times for family to gather. With the holiday… Continue reading Photo Tips For Plus Sized People


I Never Wanted To Be A YouTuber

I never wanted to be a YouTuber... and I still don't. Yet, 2020 has played a dirty trick on me! The school where I teach is 100% virtual for at least the first quarter... possibly even longer. That means I must create at least 30 video lessons a week. Just me, alone in my classroom,… Continue reading I Never Wanted To Be A YouTuber

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Give Me All The Fall Things And Tell Me I’m Pretty

September has arrived, bringing with it the promises of my favorite quarter of the year. Soon, the days will grow shorter, the temperatures will cool, the air will become crisper, and my world will feel a little brighter. Even in this year of the pandemic... which has pretty much made everything terrible... the leaves will… Continue reading Give Me All The Fall Things And Tell Me I’m Pretty