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Plus Size Clothing Review: Stitch Shoppe by Loungefly

Disney magic makes me happy. And I love wearing what makes me happy. It is only natural then, that so many of my outfits feature a little bit (or a lotta bit) of Disney. Over the last few years, I have been able to find great Plus Size Disney clothing at Torrid, Hot Topic, and… Continue reading Plus Size Clothing Review: Stitch Shoppe by Loungefly

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A Love Letter Time Capsule

Twenty years ago today, on a bright summer afternoon in the middle of Ohio, I married my soul mate. The day was beautiful, wonderful, and perfect. I remember how jittery I felt waking up that morning, the way my dad's whole body trembled all the way down the aisle, and the look of pure love… Continue reading A Love Letter Time Capsule

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Every Hair Tells A Story

With enough money and the right tools, a person can look pretty much however they want to. (Dolly Parton does it with absolute pride!) You can be thinner, have a smaller nose or bigger boobs, reduce your wrinkles or plump up your lips, have amazingly contoured cheeks and make every grey hair disappear. We all… Continue reading Every Hair Tells A Story

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Body Positive Book Review: Big Summer

It's finally Summertime, and though this whole quarantine mess has helped put a dent in my TBR (To Be Read) pile, I feel like I can now work on it in earnest. I signed up for my community's adult summer reading program and am working my way toward Super Reader level. I like to skip… Continue reading Body Positive Book Review: Big Summer