Styling Your Bestie

Styling myself to go out of the house is almost as second nature as putting on clean underwear. It's just something I do without thinking too much. I feel more natural, expressive, and enjoy myself when I am put together. (Quick note... this wretched Covid year has seen me backslide a bit though!) For years,… Continue reading Styling Your Bestie


Things Plus Size Women Wish Retailers Knew

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you definitely know two big things about me. One, I love clothes! I have literally broken a closet (or a few) with the amount dresses, shirts, and pants I hang inside. (I'm only a little ashamed of that.) And two, I am a Plus… Continue reading Things Plus Size Women Wish Retailers Knew


My Style Influences: Color Me Beautiful

One of the things I learned about style at an early age was the importance of knowing what colors make me look my best. Of course, a person can wear any color that makes them happy, but wearing the right color can make their outfit look extraordinary. As with many things fashion related, I learned… Continue reading My Style Influences: Color Me Beautiful


Back To School?

August 2020 is here, as weird as that sounds, and it's time to start preparing for school! The aisles of Target are filled with shiny new binders, bouquets of Flair pens, and piles and piles of pencils. This time of year, I can usually be found wandering the Back To School section with my chai… Continue reading Back To School?

Other Stuff

Trying New Things: Native Natural Body Care

Self care is an important factor in our mental health. Whether it's enjoying a cup of tea, a quiet moment alone, or diving into a good book, each little way of enjoying "me time" greatly improves our mood. For me, taking a shower with lovely smelling bath products and feeling fresh and clean is essential… Continue reading Trying New Things: Native Natural Body Care