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Well, today is Thanksgiving in the United States... a day we are supposed to be joyful and celebrate all the things we are thankful for. Well that and eat too much food, drink coffee during the Macy's parade, watch football games you don't care about, and spend time with your family. In my family, its… Continue reading Gratitude

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Keep It Local This Christmas

I've said it before, and I will say it again... SHOP LOCAL! This year more than ever, our local makers and businesses need our support. The pandemic has punched our economy in the face. Small businesses are shuttering forever every single day... businesses owned by our neighbors and friends. These business owners ARE our community,… Continue reading Keep It Local This Christmas

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Holiday Gifting At A’Beautiful Soul and Altar’d State

Hooray! The holiday gifting season is upon us and I am totally ready. For me, GIVING the perfect gift is way more fun than receiving one. Knowing that a gift I selected for a loved one made them feel important means the world to me. There's a magic in the air when the stores start… Continue reading Holiday Gifting At A’Beautiful Soul and Altar’d State

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Celebrate Your Birthday… All Month Long

I know some people don't really make that big of a deal about their birthday. Others would rather pretend the day isn't happening at all. I am not one of those people. In fact, I want my birthday to be a grand event where people treat me like I am special all day long. Heck...… Continue reading Celebrate Your Birthday… All Month Long

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STL Adventures: Baetje Farms

Welcome to Goatoberfest 2020 Less than an hour south of St. Louis, nestled in the countryside of Ste. Genevieve County, is a magical goat wonderland! Baetje Farms (pronounced like bay-gee) is the home of the cutest goats and tastiest, small-batch artisan goat cheeses around. If you are looking for a fun field trip, and a… Continue reading STL Adventures: Baetje Farms