Plus Size Clothing Review: Snag Tights

Can I just say it right now? I HATE wearing tights! I WANT to love them, I just don’t. I mean, I see pictures of people wearing them in adorable outfits and think, I want to do that. I know that my legs are getting old and beat up looking too, so tights could make me appear more pulled together. Also, it gets hella chilly in the Midwest during the winter, yet I love wearing dresses, so I usually just freeze to death.

There are lots of reasons for me to embrace the tights, but frankly they are too much of a pain. Putting them on is an exercise in frustration. I always end up a sweaty, swearing mess, perched on the end of the bed, competing in a wrestling match with the tights. I get one leg on just fine, then somehow can’t manage to put my other leg in without hurting myself or the tights. Half of the time, I end up flinging them angrily at the wall and giving up. Even if I do manage to win the wrestling match, I spend the entire day hiking them up around my waist, trying to prevent them from gathering around my knees like the Saggy Baggy Elephant. In other words, I give up!!

Enter Snag Tights. I kept seeing advertisements for this British tights company popping up on my social feed. I normally ignore targeted marketing; however, this one intrigued me. They had tights in beautiful colors, modeled by actual plus size people. They kept saying that their tights were built differently, with different body types in mind, so I pulled the trigger and gave them a whirl.

Snag has an awesome body positive philosophy. Their mission was to create a product that allows anyone who wants to wear tights to have a pair that comfortably fits, regardless of size, shape, age or gender. They are not exclusively a plus size company, rather they are inclusive and exist to make everyone feel beautiful.

Rocking Colonel Mustard with an autumn dress

Snag Tights were designed to address the fundamental issue of why I have always hated wearing them. Typical tights are created to be the same width, only varying by leg length, and then expected to stretch with a person’s body. That means my size 22 body is supposed to fit in something the same width as one made for a size 8 person. Ridiculous, right? Snag changed that by creating tights from size 2-34 that vary in length AND width. They offer sheer, opaque, semi-opaque, and fishnet styles, along with chub rub shorts.

So, the question is, did they make a believer of a tights hater? Are they worth the hype?

Burgundy and polka dots

To start off, I will say that I found the shipping time a bit frustrating. It seems that a carrier pigeon brought them across the Atlantic. However, they did eventually arrive. (If you plan to order some for yourself and you live in the US, allow plenty of time.) When the package arrived, I was surprised that the pairs did not come prepackaged in plastic. Instead, they were wrapped in brightly colored tissue. It was a nice touch, knowing that someone wrapped them up just for me, and I could recycle the packaging.

Pumpkin spice and everything nice

The first time I put the tights on, I almost cried with joy. I was able to put them on in seconds, stand up, and breathe a sigh of relief. Score! As the day went on, the tights didn’t roll down my waist and run away. Instead, they stayed put and were pleasantly comfortable, not cutting into my waist at all. The tights are quite smooth and didn’t pill at all. Really, the only complaint I have is that I may have ordered them a size too big. That is on me, as I was in between sizes and ordered up, since most companies run small. I know that in the future I can get the next size smaller with confidence. That said, while the tights felt a little large around my knees, they didn’t LOOK baggy.

I also ordered a pair of the chub rub shorts. They felt great through the day and kept me from chafing and getting sweaty. I cannot wait to use these on my next Disney trip!

Snag Tights, you have made me a believer. No more cold legs this winter! I am so excited about adding a pop of color and pizazz to outfits. I can say…these are 100% a game changer.

1 thought on “Plus Size Clothing Review: Snag Tights”

  1. I might have to get myself some tights and shorts. I have a few pairs of Maidenform shorts, but the legs just roll up my girthy thighs. Do the Snag shorts have something in there to keep them down?


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