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Body Positive Book Reviews: The Body Positive Journal

“Your body is not the problem. The way you’ve been taught to see your body is. Remember that you’re art.” -Virgie Tovar

January… ugh! January is my least favorite month of the year. From the fact that it is always cold and gloomy to its lack of anything special, the entire month is just a bummer. Plus, January is the month of the year where we are punched in the face with more messages from the wonderful world of diet culture than any other. Influencers… TV news stories… Magazine covers… even my “friends” pushing their latest MLM… everyone wants to remind me that the only way to really be alive is to go on a diet and exercise plan right now. Of course it’s all out of concern for my health and wellness.

“Hey you, Fatty! Now is the time to change your life, and WE have the perfect and easy solution! Don’t worry, it’s not a diet… it’s a lifestyle.”

No more! Not for me. This year, MY goal is to fall in love with who I am RIGHT NOW. I want to deconstruct all of the messages throughout my life that have damaged my heart, and reconstruct it in ways that bring peace. I want to erase the biases that have kept me from loving myself and others. I want to provide spaces for all people to exist, no matter what they look like. Instead of investing in “quick fix” wellness and diet garbage, I am investing in a change of heart and mind. That’s where, The Body Positive Journal by Virgie Tovar, comes in.

Author, podcaster, and fat-activist, Virgie Tovar, created this colorful and joyful guided journal to help people begin their body acceptance journey. The book is divided into five sections that encourage readers to grow the relationship they want with their body, and reminds them that their body does not exist for others. There are encouraging readings, thought-provoking prompts, and even rad body positive stickers that make the journey a joyful one. Readers are guided to work at their own pace and take the time to really renew their relationship with themselves. There are places you are encouraged to praise yourself, and places where you are encouraged to rage out. There are places to acknowledge shame, give yourself permission to take up space, and ultimately give your body the grace to exist on both good and bad body image days.

The Body Positive Journal is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to reframe their mindset in relation to their body. It is a safe and encouraging space to work through the tough parts of body acceptance. I am excited to use it to help me in my personal reconstruction this year. The journey from shame to freedom is tough, but it is SO worth it.

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