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The Alphabet of Jennifer

A is for Autumn… Everything about this season fills my heart with joy. From the color palette to the crispness in the air. Sweaters. Apples. Crunchy leaves. Bonfires. Pumpkins. All of it!

B is for Books… I am an avid reader. Books take us to far away places, introduce us to new points of view, and educate us on ways to respond to the world around us. My TBR pile is quite tall, and there is a reason one of my best friends is a librarian.

C is for Creative… I am an Enneagram Type Four to my very core. I AM my feelings. I see the world in so many shades of color, rather than just black and white. My deepest desire is to find a way to express the beauty of every single emotion.

D is for Dresses… Dresses are my favorite item of clothing. They are effortlessly fancy and easy to wear. Whether it is a simple sundress or a beautiful gown, I feel most like myself when wearing a dress.

E is for Earl Grey… A cup of cozy that warms me to my toes and makes the world a little more tolerable.

F is for Fashion… from my Barbie dolls, to endless hours scanning fashion magazines, style has always been something that interested me. Once upon a time, I dressed to fit in. Thank goodness I learned that it’s ok to stand out.

G is for Gin… My liquor of choice, with notes of flowers and Christmas that will forever remind me of my grandmother.

H is for Hufflepuff… I read the first Harry Potter book while student teaching in the late 90’s. I fell in love with the story right along with my students. I re-read the whole series and watch the films every few years. I am a proud Hufflepuff for life and will always enjoy a Potter themed event.

I is for Imagination… You mean life isn’t a Disney movie? I beg to differ. In my mind the world is vivid and magical. Though the last few years have shattered some of the illusions that I can manifest my dreams into reality, I will always believe in the power of a dream.

J is for Jennifer… For better or worse, I was given the most basic name for a girl in the 70’s. I have spent most of my life having to be identified by both my first and last name. At least I could always find a toothbrush with my name on it.

K is for Kindness… My students know, the number one thing you must remember to do in my classroom is BE KIND. I strive to be kind and create space for all types of people to exist comfortably. I know I am not perfect, and it grieves me when I fail to be kind myself. The world would be a lot better space to exist if everyone remembered to be kind.

L is for Lavender… It’s the scent of coziness and comfort. It adds a lovely floral note to teas and desserts. It is a wonderful shade of my favorite color.

M is for Music… Not only is it my profession, but it is literally my heartbeat. Every emotion I feel is expressed through song. My students get tired of my need to unpack the lyrical content of every song we sing. Music is a constant in my home and in my mind. Without a song, my life would be void.

N is for Nap… I am a nap champion! In college, I perfected the art of the power nap, and still enjoy them to this day. Honestly, every day would be better if there was actual time allotted for rest. Perhaps I shall lobby for a siesta to be made mandatory in the school day.

O is for Office Supplies… My dad taught me long ago to appreciate the beauty of a smooth-inked pen, a fancy paper clip, a blank planner, and a well-weighted piece of paper. Honestly, my love for writing utensils may have caused me to become a teacher. 

P is for Photographs… Among my souvenirs, photographs are my most treasured possessions. They are a lasting record of the moments I want to remember, the places I have travelled, the people I have loved, and the journey I have taken.

Q is for Quirky… I don’t mind being a little strange. It’s what makes me unique. Sometimes I will wear a tutu to work. Sometimes I sing loudly with the ambient music at the grocery store. Sometimes I dance in the car with people staring at me. I want to sparkle and shine and make a big deal about silly things… even if no one else joins me. Because… why not?

R is for Roman Holiday… My favorite films tend to be the classics. Roman Holiday is my favorite romantic movie of all time. Audrey Hepburn is absolute perfection and Gregory Peck is seriously dreamy. The film inspired my first trip to Europe. The fact that it doesn’t have a perfect Hollywood ending makes me love it even more.

S is for Scones… Scones are the perfect breakfast food. Pair them with a bit of jam and cream and a nice cup of tea, and I am a happy girl. Please never glaze them… and always cut them into circles!

T is for Travel… It is said that those who do not travel read only one page. The world is vast, and wide, and diverse. I want to meet as many people, taste as many flavors, and see as many things as I possibly can. Adventure is out there and I am ready with my passport in hand.

U is for Ukulele… Playing was a hobby I picked up out of boredom during the pandemic. It soon became a form of therapy and a passion. I hope with enough practice, I will be a pro!

V is for Vintage… I have an old soul and am drawn to the fashion, films, music, and home decor of time gone by… especially that of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.

W is for Winfield… It’s the small town that unexpectedly became my second home. I started teaching there more than twenty years ago, fully believing I would move on soon. Yet, here we are and I have spent my entire adult life pouring my heart into the community and the students there. It’s far from perfect, but it is one of the towns that made me, and I will always be proud to be part of it.

X is for Xennial… Born in that space on the border of Generation X and the Millennials, I don’t fit neatly into a category. (The story of my life!) I have seen incredible leaps in technology happen in my lifetime, and am comfortable in both an analog and digital world.

Y is for Yearning… I often find myself dealing with a great sense of longing. I yearn to be someone who is seen, and valued for exactly who I am. It’s just that I continually fall short of what others expect me to be… of what I expect me to be.

Z is for the letter Z… The letter I was really excited to add to my last name when I married Jeff. They were always my favorite to write in cursive.

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