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STL Adventures: Boujee Tea at La Patisserie

Have you ever entered a place so beautiful and magical that it brings you joy? A place filled to the brim with sugary, delectable treats too perfect to eat? Somewhere so Instagrammably wonderful you want to share it with your friends and never leave? I have found that perfect place in La Patisserie St. Louis.… Continue reading STL Adventures: Boujee Tea at La Patisserie


A Cup of Holiday Tea

With the arrival of the holidays come all sorts of delicious scents and flavors . There are certain things that just instantly taste like Christmas. Peppermint, cinnamon, cranberry, pine, nutmeg, chocolate, and orange get added to every food and beverage out there, offering a whole lot of nostalgia as you eat and drink your way… Continue reading A Cup of Holiday Tea