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Your Size Does NOT Determine Your Worth

Ok, everyone… I can’t stay quiet anymore. I have been reading it all summer on my social feed and it’s breaking my heart. I see the way you look at yourself. I hear the things you are trying to make yourself believe. Sometimes your posts are subtle, other times, not at all. Every time I read it, I want to reach into the computer screen and shake you till you hear me. Your size does not determine your worth.

Let me repeat it a little louder… YOUR SIZE DOES NOT DETERMINE YOUR WORTH!

You look in the mirror and see someone who is disgusting. You see a person that the world looks at and thinks, “they have surely given up.” You see someone who is unworthy of being loved or acknowledged. Someone who has to apologize for taking up space. Someone who’s never going to be able to reach your dreams because of the cage that you live in. Society has told you over and over that you CAN’T because of the body you live in.

Let me tell you what I see. I see someone I love with my whole heart. I see a person who has brought joy and value to my life just because you exist. Someone who I have built happy memories with. Someone I want to laugh with, talk with, and make plans with. I see a person who is powerful and has a voice that needs to be heard. I see someone who CAN do amazing things…right now!

I promise you, life does not begin when you wear a single digit clothing size. There isn’t a thin person living inside you screaming to get out. And don’t believe the lie that “nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” (Pizza. Pizza tastes as thin might feel.) Things aren’t going to magically change on the inside just because the outside got smaller. And no one worth being with is going to love you MORE just because you lost weight. Anyone that shallow is an asshole and should be out of your life immediately!

Go ahead and eat better or start exercising if you want to. Feeling good and taking care of your body isn’t a bad thing! I love good, healthy food. I love to get out and exercise. But don’t beat yourself up because you ate something that wasn’t on your magic plan. Don’t feel bad that it was a million degrees outside and you didn’t want to exercise. I swear, there is no magic in that pill, or a wrap, or fad diet that is going to make you a better person. Just take care of you and don’t worry about the rest.

Your value lies in your heart. You have so much to give to the world. Your ideas and passions matter. Your words have power. What you do right now, in the body that you are in, has worth!

And while we’re at it, let me just say… your outside is pretty damn beautiful. You have fire in your eyes and kindness in your smile. You are amazing because you are uniquely YOU, not someone people expect you to be. You’re a straight up force to be reckoned with. Stop believing that you have to be something else on the outside to matter. You are beautiful in every possible way.

2 thoughts on “Your Size Does NOT Determine Your Worth”

  1. ❤️ This is amazing, Jennifer. Truly amazing. Thanks for writing this and sharing it with the world. ❤️


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