STL Shopping: Cuffs That Inspire

Fashion has the power to tell our story. From the colors and silhouettes we choose to wear, to the shoes we select to adorn our feet, our style is an extension of who we are as a person. That message becomes even stronger when we wear fashion that makes a verbal statement. Graphic tees and customized jewelry have the power to say out loud to the world the things we feel, or even remind ourselves of messages we need to hear throughout the day.

While shopping at Joy’s Collective Market on St. Charles Main Street a couple of years ago, I stumbled across a custom jewelry brand called Cuffs That Inspire. This artist’s work stamps familiar mantras and custom quotes onto metal, then places them on gorgeous upcycled pieces of leather to create cuff bracelets. I immediately fell in love and purchased a cuff with a quote about Wanderlust that I knew would add a nice pop to my fall outfits. It would be the first of many items I would buy from the brand.

Everything created by Cuffs That Inspire is lovingly hand-designed by owner, Justine. Her goal is to inspire women during their day, no matter what season of life they are going through. The words stamped upon the jewelry send powerful reminders to the heart of those who wear the cuffs. Cuffs That Inspire creates wide cuffs, slim cuffs, and metal bangles, along with earrings, necklaces, and other custom gifts.

Over the last few years, I have had the honor of working with Cuffs That Inspire as a local influencer. Every item I have ever purchased or received from her is something I absolutely treasure. I love each piece of jewelry so much, that I have bought others as gifts for family and friends too. Last year, I had a bracelet custom created for my sister with a quote that is very special to her. She absolutely loved it.

I have been able to incorporate so much of Cuffs That Inspire’s jewelry into my own personal style. The pieces work well with casual looks and many can be paired with more dressed up outfits. If leather isn’t your thing, the metal cuffs make great statements. There are many vegan leather options too.

(I love that one of my students was so inspired by my look with a pair of earrings that she created a piece of custom art and gave it to me as a gift. Go follow her on Instagram at Sherbets_Art_Stop. She is quite talented!)

Whether you are looking for a one of a kind gift, or just something to inspire your own journey, go check out Cuffs That Inspire. Justine is an amazingly kind person, who creates pieces of beauty for each of her customers. You can find her online, on Instagram, or in store at Joy’s Collective Market. She even has a mobile store that goes to many festivals in the area. You will love what you buy and will be able to make a fashion statement for years to come.

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