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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

It’s November and the world has suddenly become more sparkly and joyful and warm. I enjoy autumn and Spooky Season a lot, but the joy of the holiday season fills me in a way nothing else can. Bring on the glitter, and lights, and trees, and carols, and red Starbucks cups. I am here for it!

Though it isn’t a Christmas song at all, “My Favorite Things” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music, is often associated with the holiday season. I suppose because it talks about snow and sleigh bells. But I think it also has to do with the joy of beautiful, seemingly insignificant things. How lovely to receive a brown paper package tied up with string, containing one of your favorite things. As you think about your holiday shopping list this year, why not ponder the absolute favorite things of your loved ones?

Gifts don’t need to be something extravagant or the latest and greatest thing. They need only be something small and perfect that speaks to the heart of the recipient. If you’re not sure what their favorite things are, invite them out for coffee and covertly sleuth for some ideas through conversation. (Quality time and investigation in one… bonus!)

To jog your thoughts with examples… here are some of MY favorite things…

Notes of encouragement. Picnics with my husband. Warm cups of tea. Crisp autumn mornings. Fresh office supplies. Ocean breezes in my hair. Hugs. Coloring books. Handmade gifts. Sleeping with the windows open. Pedicures. Naps. Listening to music and gazing at the Christmas tree. Disney fireworks. A good book. Fresh flowers. Glitter. Lavender. Bonfires. Red wine. Spontaneous singing. Paper planners. Dresses with pockets. Mouse Ears. Long walks. Toes in the sand. Polka dots. Cozy sweaters. Lip balm. Going somewhere I’ve never been. Kindness. Puppies. Fairy lights. Sea salt caramels. Vintage brooches. Photographs. Red lipstick. Warm bread.

How can you treat those you love to their favorite things this year?

This season, eliminate the stress and avoid the last minute Walgreens run with something that will make them really joyful. It’s easier than you think.

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