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Don’t Wait

Sometimes life is just heavy…

I wish that I could always write from a place of positivity and joy. Sometimes my brain just won’t let me go there, though. Today is one of those days. Unfortunately, life isn’t always full of fashion, food, and fun. Sometimes… well, sometimes life is just… hard.

Today I have to say goodbye to a good friend. Susan was a fellow teacher who started at my school the same year I did. The first few years, we had a common planning period. We talked for hours about family, faith, fashion, and classic films. We would sing songs from musicals and laugh about ridiculous things. She found out she was the same age as my mom, and since my mom was 500 miles away, Susan made herself my MO Mom.

Susan was feisty and loved to laugh. She was often a bit of a fuddy duddy, but poked fun at herself for being so. She was a proud alumni of our school and someone who was very much woven into the fabric of the community. She loved to create things and volunteer for anything that made our school proud. Most of all, she was a proud mom and an incredibly proud grandmother. Susan was a good friend and a kind soul.

The thing I hate the most about this whole thing? Susan was supposed to retire this year. She was supposed to have a huge celebration with cake, flowers, and years worth of students sharing how she had made an impact on their lives. She was supposed to have a long time to stay home and enjoy her children and grandchildren. She was supposed to enjoy a peaceful retreat from the stressful life in education.

Instead, Susan is having a celebration of her life, filled with accolades and gratitude that she will never hear. She will have piles of flowers, stories, and hugs that she won’t get to enjoy. My heart is just so sad. And the thing that keeps repeating again and again is this…

Don’t wait.

Don’t wait to check in on the people you love. Even when things seem ok on the surface, you often notice things that seem a little off. It’s ok to ask. It’s ok to show concern. Love big. Love loud.

Don’t wait to appreciate the people in your life. Often, you don’t know how beautiful your relationships are until they are gone.

Don’t wait to tell people that they are important to you. It may be embarrassing, but TELL people they matter. Write them a note. Give them a hug. Treat them to a latte, just because. If someone has changed your life, let them know.

It may sound like a cliche, but you need to be reminded. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Notice your people and love them hard. Don’t wait.

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