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Trying New Things: At Home Teeth Whitening

I’ve always been a firm believer that a person’s smile is one of their greatest assets. A smile that is warm, brilliant, and genuine can instantly draw me to make a connection with someone and can heal my heart on the darkest day. As an influencer, my smile is important in helping my content look genuine and approachable. Plus, as a music educator, students spend a lot of time looking at my mouth for how to improve vocal tone. That’s why taking care of my own smile is critical. Still, as an avid tea and red wine drinker, stains happen no matter how well I brush.

Each school year, I try to find a way to brighten my smile for the first day of school. In the past, I have purchased white strips at Target and used them for a couple of weeks. That, paired with whitening toothpaste has done the trick for a small improvement. The strips are big and rather uncomfortable. I have tried brushing with charcoal too. Not only does it taste terrible, but it makes a huge mess and has sometimes stained my gums for a few hours. (Really attractive, I assure you.) I have been on the lookout for something that gives me affordable, yet amazing results.

About a month ago I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to try their home whitening system. They offered to send me the system, along with a giveaway for my readers, for my honest opinion of the product. I decided to give it a chance. Not only would it be a great way to brighten my smile before contest season and a new year of photo shoots, but Smile Brilliant is a St. Louis based company! Anyone who has read this blog for long knows that supporting local companies is a passion of mine. Heck yes, I was definitely interested.

So here’s how the whole thing works…

First, I was sent the kit, which included the syringes of whitening gel, desensitizing gel, materials for making dental impressions, and instructions about how to use the system.

Making the impressions was actually pretty easy. Smile Brilliant sends very detailed instructions on how to make them successfully. The good news is, there is an extra tub of setting putty if you happen to make a mistake. As soon as you are finished with the impressions, place them in the bubble mailer and send them to have your whitening trays made.

I received my whitening trays back quickly. I was really impressed with how well they fit and how comfortable they were. They are nothing like the strips you have to try to work onto your teeth and hope they stay on.

The whitening process is simple too. The main thing to remember is that you will be wearing the trays over an hour, and once you are finished you can’t eat or drink for a while. I found that the best time to whiten my teeth was in the evening after dinner. I liked it because the trays were comfortable enough that I could do my regular evening routine while whitening (grading, running on the treadmill, watching tv, etc.). The only bummer I found was that I couldn’t have a cup of bedtime tea. No worries. I used the product every other day so that it didn’t change my routine each night.

Begin with placing a strip of the whitening gel in each of the trays and then let them work their magic. The instructions say to whiten for 1-3 hours. (I usually left them on for about 1 1/2 hours.) Then, spit out the remaining gel and brush with toothpaste. Next, place a strip of desensitizing gel in each tray and reinsert them for 15-30 minutes. This part is essential to help ease the tingle of the whitening gel. After time is up, spit the gel out and remember to not eat or drink for several hours. (In other words, go to bed!) Easy peasy.

So, what about the results? Honestly, my teeth were not horribly discolored to begin with. That said, I was able to see a noticeable difference in the whiteness and brilliance of my teeth. Results were visible after the first session. What a nice pick me up!

Top is before and bottom is after whitening

Smile Brilliant really did give me great results that were comfortable and were a fraction of the cost of professional whitening. The Smile Brilliant system only costs $150 for four syringes of each of the gels. (Compared to $300-400 in a spa or dentist’s office) Each syringe yields 3-4 sessions and they last a year at room temperature. I was able to set a pair aside for a touch up later in the year.

I am really happy with the Smile Brilliant system and would highly recommend it to anyone. Think of how great your smile could look for senior pictures, prom, or a summer wedding! Plus, you’re giving St. Louis a little local love. (Win win!)

Want to try Smile Brilliant for yourself? Enter the code fortyfatandfabulous15 for a 15% off coupon. Go ahead and take the chance on yourself. Smile fearlessly!

Enter to win a set completely free ($159 value). Click here and enter your email for a chance to win. (Open to residents of USA, Canada, UK, and Australia)

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