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Body Positive Book Review: Big Summer

It’s finally Summertime, and though this whole quarantine mess has helped put a dent in my TBR (To Be Read) pile, I feel like I can now work on it in earnest. I signed up for my community’s adult summer reading program and am working my way toward Super Reader level. I like to skip around genres as I read during the summer. I have been focusing on a lot of non-fiction race reconciliation books lately. However, I just returned from a quick trip to the beach. While I’m there, the only thing I want is a nice, fluffy beach read. Something with romance, a beach, and a bit of a plot twist.

Enter, Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner. Weiner is a prolific American author who focuses on body positive main characters and perfect beach read plots. Her latest book, Big Summer, tells the story of Daphne Berg, the plus size blogger/influencer I wish I could be! She is a confident New York City girl who is growing a following, getting sponsors, and encouraging big girls to love themselves no matter what. At the beginning of the story, Daphne’s ex-best friend, Drue, reappears in her life after a six year hiatus… the friend whose mean girl behavior was the catalyst for Daphne’s blog in the first place. Drue seems to have it all… perfection, money, and a very polished Instagram following. She is planning the wedding of the century and asks Daphne to be involved.

Letting Drue back into Daphne’s life comes with many risks. While she has grown a lot and has learned to stand up for herself, Drue still has some pull over Daphne that makes her compromise her own wants. Can she forgive Drue and be part of her story again without letting go of her own progress? Can she be part of a very public wedding without feeling like she is being used? This book spoke a lot about female friendship and the risks you take living life online. It has romance, dreamy settings, and unexpected plot twists that keep you hooked till the end. Plus, it comes with a body positive heroine who doesn’t lose sight of who she is in order to belong.

I don’t want to post any spoilers in this review. I will just say, though there were some cliche moments and the plot was obviously not deep, I enjoyed the book very much. It was the perfect escape from the problems of the universe while sitting in a chair in the sun, listening to the waves. Is it going to change your life? Probably not. But, it was a really enjoyable page turner with a central character that Plus Size girls can relate to. Go pick it up to read on your summer adventures.

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