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Trying New Things: Native Natural Body Care

Self care is an important factor in our mental health. Whether it’s enjoying a cup of tea, a quiet moment alone, or diving into a good book, each little way of enjoying “me time” greatly improves our mood. For me, taking a shower with lovely smelling bath products and feeling fresh and clean is essential to my mental health. It’s almost like I can scrub the emotional funk off of my skin, along with the natural daily grime.

Using bath products with stress relieving scents like lavender, rose, and eucalyptus help release tension in my brain. (I mean, essential oils are so trendy right now.) I’ve tried lots of different brands over time, and have found a few that I keep going back to. However, there was one that I’ve heard a lot of buzz about that I wanted to give a whirl.

Over the last year, I have seen a lot of bloggers talking up Native Natural Body Care products. Native is committed to using natural ingredients in their personal care items that people recognize and pronounce… free of aluminum, parabens, and sulfates. Currently Native offers deodorant, body wash, bar soap, and toothpaste on their website. I decided to order one of each to see what the company was all about.

First, I tried the deodorant. Each deodorant is vegan, cruelty free, and doesn’t contain aluminum. They even offer a plastic free version, if you are really trying to be earth conscious. Native’s website lists every ingredient and describes in detail what purpose they serve in the bar of deodorant. It is available in seven classic scents, along with seasonal scents. You can purchase it as a single, in a three pack, or a subscription service.

I decided to be daring and order the Custom Scent. I was given a short quiz about my preferences and was sent a custom bar with my name on it! (I love silly little touches like that.) My custom scent is slightly woodsy and has hints of rose. I love it! It feels a little gritty, compared to a standard deodorant, but that isn’t bothersome. It keeps me smelling fresh all day, and helps with that big girl under boob sweat. (You know what I mean!)

The body wash smells incredible! It seems to permeate the whole shower, leaving a stress-relieving cloud of happiness. My skin feels super clean and soft after the shower. It is available in five classic scents, as well as seasonals, and can be purchased in a similar style to the deodorant. I chose the Lavender and Rose for myself.

The final product I tried was the toothpaste. Honestly, it might be my favorite product. It leaves my mouth feeling clean and minty, without the chemical burning feeling I get from regular toothpaste. It is nice and foamy and includes whitening agents. The toothpaste is available in Wild Mint or Charcoal and can be purchased with or without fluoride.

I definitely loved the Native items I tried. I hope they add other products in the future, like shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer. You can buy their products directly from their website, or at some local stores including Target and CVS. If you are looking for personal care items that are safe and helpful to your body and the earth, definitely give Native a try.

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