My Style Influences: Color Me Beautiful

One of the things I learned about style at an early age was the importance of knowing what colors make me look my best. Of course, a person can wear any color that makes them happy, but wearing the right color can make their outfit look extraordinary. As with many things fashion related, I learned this information from my Aunt Linda. I remember being perched together on her bed, along with my sister and my mom, studying her copy of Color Me Beautiful to find our perfect colors.

Color Me Beautiful is a book, published in 1987, by color consultant, Carole Jackson. This style manual contains a quiz and tons of information to help you find the thirty shades that really make you pop. Based on your hair color, eye color, and skin tone, you are assigned a “season” of colors that suit you. These seasons determine the clothing and cosmetic shades that you should keep in mind when heading out to shop.

“Springs” have blonde or light brown hair and blue or green eyes. Their perfect colors are clear, delicate, or bright with yellow undertones. “Summers” have dark blonde or light brown hair and blue or hazel eyes. The perfect colors for a Summer are cool, soft colors with blue undertones. The “Autumns” have golden or red hair and brown or hazel eyes. Their colors are stronger with orange and gold undertones. Finally, the “Winters” have brown to black hair and brown, hazel, or dark blue eyes. Clear, vivid, or icy colors with blue undertones make them look best.

I am a Winter. While I adore the color of pumpkin spice and sunflowers… I tend to leave those to my home decor. I know that living in a sea of bright jewel tones is what truly gives me that sense of je ne sais quoi. Cobalt. Emerald. Hot Pink. Coca-Cola Red. These are my power colors. I have found that the holidays are the ideal time to buy things in these shades, so I always try to find pieces in December that can carry me through multiple seasons.

It truly is empowering to wear the right tones and shades for your God-given features. I have stopped complete strangers in the store to let them know the color they are wearing makes them look beautiful. And I know that I get a lot more compliments on my outfit when I am wearing “my colors” too. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to fashion… wear what makes you happy. Wear what makes you feel strong and beautiful. I simply know from my experience, wearing well-suited colors is the path to feeling amazing.

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