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Give Me All The Fall Things And Tell Me I’m Pretty

September has arrived, bringing with it the promises of my favorite quarter of the year. Soon, the days will grow shorter, the temperatures will cool, the air will become crisper, and my world will feel a little brighter. Even in this year of the pandemic… which has pretty much made everything terrible… the leaves will still change, bonfires will still be built, Spooky Season will still arrive, Thanksgiving dinner will still be consumed, and I can decorate my house for Christmas bigger and brighter than ever. (Take that 2020!)

With all of the stress of teaching during distance learning and the cancellation of some of my favorite autumn activities, I need some cheering up. What better way to do it than with an autumn care package?! So… straight to Target (and a few other places) I went to fill my cart with joy. Here are some of my favorite fall things…

Personal Care Products: I mean who WOULDN’T want their pits and their poo to smell like pie?! My mom says it’s gross… I say, let’s make something gross more tolerable! Native offers body wash and deodorant that are Pumpkin Spice Latte scented. And PooPourri has a Pumpkin Chai toilet spray. (I mean at least your bathroom will smell nice.) This time of year is my favorite at Bath and Body Works too… Bonfire Bash and Sweater Weather are my jam when it comes to body care. (And it puts the song by The Neighbourhood in my head.)

Cosmetics: How cute is this palette from Too Faced? It includes lovely, spicy fall colors and smells like pumpkin spice. It pairs well will cozy sweaters and boots. The coordinating matte lip color gives me all the fall feels and is pumpkin scented too.

Snacks: The Halloween candy aisle has begun singing its siren song. Reeses Peanut Butter Pumpkins, green apple licorice, Caramel Apple lolipops, and Candy Corn (yes, it too is delicious) are some of my fall favorites. This year, we discovered Apple Pie Kit-Kats, and I can assure you… they are delicious. Plus, there’s apple and pumpkin yogurt, granola bars, drinks, cookies… the list is endless and I want all of them.

Jewelry: I am so excited to wear my fall brooch collection! From vintage leaves to Spooky Season enamels… my fall wardrobe will be accessorized in snazzy array. My favorites are from Erstwilder and LaliBlue which can be found at Lipstick and Chrome. (Their house brand brooches are adorable too!) Plus, I am in love with my fall themed locket from Origami Owl.

Magazines: I love scrolling through Pinterest and pinning a beautiful fall aesthetic to my board. However, it has nothing on a print magazine. I adore flipping through the slick pages, smelling the paper, and looking at all the cozy landscapes. The magazines are filled with delicious recipes, decorating ideas, and descriptive stories that transport me to my happy place. Just give me a mug of earl grey and something good to read on my front porch, and I will be blissfully lost.

Decor: Fill my house with all the plaid blankets, glittery pumpkins, planted mums, and fall scented candles! I actually LIKE being in my house this time of year, surrounded by my favorite things. I want to curl up with a good book and a glass of port surrounded by my woodsy candles.

So I am pretty much set to ride though September, October, and November in a better mood. It’s gotta get better now, right?

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