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Five Things I Like About My Body

I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for a while now. I wanted to do a blog about things I like about my body. Not the ways I have altered my body (like tattoos, scars, etc.), but things I like about the body I was born in. I challenged myself to think of five, honestly believing it would be fairly easy, especially in light of my body positive journey. But let me tell you, thinking of FIVE things is HARD!

Yes, my body is made of many parts. Yes, I am “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Yes, I want to help others see themselves in a positive way by championing that I like myself. But, holy cannoli, Batman! It’s hard to like… truly like… five whole things. I pondered and pondered. I stared in the mirror. I wracked my brain, and here are the five things I can say I definitively like… maybe even LOVE about my body.

  1. My Hair: I have thick, shiny, wavy hair. Not only is there a lot of it, but the strands of it are broad and thick. (When I get a haircut, it looks like a small animal has been left behind!) My hair holds big bouncy curls and vintage styles suit it very well. Many times throughout my life, people have said that they envy my hair. I once had a guy break up with me when I got a haircut… because I cut off the part that was most beautiful about me. (Ugh!) My hair keeps my head quite warm in the winter. I was born a blonde but transitioned to dark brown through elementary school. In the summer it has blonde and red highlights, and now carries a large sprinkling of silver. I think my hair is pretty rad, and I’m glad it’s part of me.

2. My Little Hand Mole: I have a little tiny mole in the palm of my left hand… way down at the bottom. (If my hand were Michigan, the mole would mark somewhere around Coldwater.) I don’t know why, I just think it’s cute. It has always been there and makes my hand kind of special.

3. My Cheekbones: When I was younger, I thought my cheekbones were weird. I hated how they cast shadows on my face in pictures… like some sort of bruise. Then, I discovered what contouring was! I realized that these cheeks I inherited saved me a lot of time and money on cosmetics. (Yay for genetics!) When my students tell me that my contour game is strong, I proudly tell them… “That’s just my face!”

4. My Shoulder Freckles: I know technically these have not always been there. Years of playing and laying in the sun have added freckles to my body. However, I like that they are there now. Most of my freckles live on the tops of my shoulders. They are cute and spotty and help decorate sleeveless shirts and dresses. They remind me of family trips, beaches, playsuits, popsicles, fireworks, and summer picnics. They’re a special little touch of melanin that tell my story.

5. My Décolletage: Décolletage is that little part of your body that shows in a low cut blouse… your collar bones and your bust line. It’s a more fancy way of saying that I am glad I was born with nice breasts. Even before I was fat, they were a beautiful, curvaceous part of me. From fourth grade on, I had to dress a bit more conservatively to leave a bit of mystery. However, I have never had trouble filling out the top of a dress, never needed a Wonderbra, and the stories of items that have been lost inside my blouse are the things of legend. I may be a large lady, but at least I have these going for me.

There you go… five things I like about my body. I challenge you to think about the same thing. What are the things you find most attractive and wonderful about YOUR body? Please feel free to share them in the comments. I would love to hear what makes you… well, YOU!

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