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100 Days Uke Challenge – 2022 Edition

Come with me on a musical journey for 100 days…

Once again it’s time for the #100DaysUke Challenge! From February 13 to May 23, 2022 I will be singing and accompanying myself, playing the ukulele each day on Instagram. The challenge is part of a larger initiative called, 100 Day Project. This amazing global movement is designed to hone all sorts of creative skills (performing arts, visual arts, writing, etc.) through community and daily practice.

“The more we practice, the more skilled we become.  Practice takes time.  Practice takes commitment.  Practice is a radical act in this speeded up world.   Through practice, we develop a creative habit.  Through habit, we reconnect with and know ourselves again as a creative being.” (100 Day Project website)

I stumbled upon the 100 Day Project last year while watching a Saturday afternoon Uke Jam with Cynthia Lin and Ukulenny. I had received my first ukulele as a Christmas gift and was looking for a way to learn some easy songs to play. At the end of the live video, Cynthia and Lenny announced the beginning of the #100DaysUke2021 and laid out what participation involved. The project was starting in just a few days; I thought… “Why not?!”

Yeah, why not dive in with absolutely no experience playing the instrument, and record myself daily for 100 days? No big deal, right?! It was a BIG deal. But, by the end, I was impressed with myself for sticking with it… AND for finding enough songs that I could fumble through without completely embarrassing myself! Honestly, it was really fun and gave me something to focus on during the second year of the pandemic blues.

Cynthia Lin model Ohana Ukulele

This year I feel a lot more prepared… and slightly less intimidated. It’s still a daunting task, for sure. I’m still afraid of having my voice, and my uke skills…or lack thereof…being judged by the universe. However, I am excited and ready to dive in. I hope to learn a lot and grow more confident in my skills throughout the spring. I want to study strumming patterns, more complicated chords, and improve my timing.

In preparation for the project, I’ve been practicing a lot more often. I’ve planned a daily song schedule, which is almost complete through the end. I’ve asked for requests and pinned chord charts on Pinterest. This year, I even bought myself a fancy, professional model Ohana Ukulele to carry with me throughout the project. It’s going to be great!

I hope you will join me on the journey, February 13-May 23. Why not try a creative project of your own? Follow your passion and create with others all over the globe in making something wonderful. My husband, Jeff, is going to be writing 100 poems!

Follow along on my Instagram page at @fortyfatandfabulous. I would love your support and encouragement every day. Keep it Aloha, friends! ❤

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