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Body Positive Book Reviews: Starfish

Over the last few years, positive fat representation in literature has been growing. From books that demand equality for all bodies, to self-help books that empower people to boldly accept themselves, to works of fiction that set fat people as the main character... books are allowing people of ALL sizes to be the hero. It's… Continue reading Body Positive Book Reviews: Starfish

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100 Days Uke Challenge – 2022 Edition

Come with me on a musical journey for 100 days... Once again it's time for the #100DaysUke Challenge! From February 13 to May 23, 2022 I will be singing and accompanying myself, playing the ukulele each day on Instagram. The challenge is part of a larger initiative called, 100 Day Project. This amazing global movement… Continue reading 100 Days Uke Challenge – 2022 Edition

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The Illusion of Influencing

Here I sit on the sofa, poised with my computer in my lap, setting out to write "scheduled content." I know that in order to gain an audience, one must consistently create content that is engaging and exciting. A content creator must discuss fascinating topics that haven't been covered by every other blogger already. Each… Continue reading The Illusion of Influencing

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The Essential Fat-Positive Library

* This post is intended to be a work in progress. As I read books that I believe are essential fat-positive reads, I will add them to the post and push it to the top. I’d love any suggestions you may have for me to read and add. Books are wonderful things, aren't they? Books… Continue reading The Essential Fat-Positive Library

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Body Positive Book Review: Yes, You Can Wear That

I’ve been following Abby Hoy, @ThePennyDarling, on Instagram for several years. It’s easy to fall in love with her page and draw inspiration from it. Hoy’s content is positive, joyful, colorful, and loaded with musical theatre humor. Plus, her philosophy of style is absolutely in line with my own… unapologetically wear what makes you happy… Continue reading Body Positive Book Review: Yes, You Can Wear That