The Greatest Shoes of All Time?

I’d like to take a minute to talk about my favorite shoes. A few years ago, Oprah had named a fancy but little known ballet flat as one of her favorite things. When Oprah says something is good, everyone in America jumps on board. Soon these shoes started showing up on my Pinterest feed and Facebook advertisements at an increasing rate. I kept thinking to myself, “What’s the big deal with these shoes?” I mean, the packaging is pretty and leather is cozy, but are they really worth the hype? So, I decided to treat myself to a pair to see what the big deal is… and my love for Tieks was born.

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Tieks is a California-based company that makes Italian leather ballet flats. The shoes are packaged with a signature blue box and flower bow and come with a little storage tote. The shoes themselves are made of soft leather with a cushioned heel and a signature blue bottom. They fold up pretty small, making them great for travel as well. They are offered in classic leather, patent leather, and vegan styles. They are offered in women’s sizes 5-13, and a few styles are offered in children’s sizes. The shoes begin around $175 for a standard leather pair, but some of the super fancy ones go for almost $300. (I do NOT own any of the super fancy ones.)

Though these shoes are really flat and do not offer any sort of cushioned footbed, I can honestly say, these are the most comfortable shoes I have EVER owned. They are soft and stretchy and do not irritate my toes. I have very wide, extremely flat feet and struggle to find shoes that feel comfortable all day. Tieks are the first pair of shoes that I can stand or walk in all day and not want to chop my feet off. In fact, my Tieks almost make me feel as if I am not wearing shoes at all. As a girl who enjoys being barefoot, that is a big bonus.

They are stylish and come in a lot of colors. They can be dressed up or be worn with very casual outfits. They fit really small and flat in suitcases. I like that many of the colors match perfectly with different fandom outfits… mustard yellow coordinates perfectly with all of my Hufflepuff gear. I find that no matter what other shoes I have, I find myself continually using Tieks as my go-to shoe.

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Some Tieks fans in online groups are a bit obsessive, storing the shoes in fancy cubbies, taking them off to drive, and cleaning them every second. I am not under that philosophy. They are shoes… made to live an adventure. My Tieks have taken me on adventures all over the world. They have made it through marathon length days at Disney World. They have walked in the rain. They have rested in the sand. They have trudged through the snow. They have been with me as I conduct my choir and teach students each day. Tieks, are ready for any adventure I might encounter.

I know that Tieks are quite an investment. People often feel uncomfortable spending that much money on a pair of shoes. But I will tell you from my adventurous, fat girl, flat feet perspective, they are well worth the money and will be with me on my journeys for years to come!

Want to try some Tieks out and see what I mean? Treat yo self, girl!

7 thoughts on “The Greatest Shoes of All Time?”

    1. If they show no obvious signs of wear, returns are pretty easy and straightforward. Make sure if you wear a half size to size up. They have great resale value online. I have been able to resell some pairs for nearly retail value.


  1. I have two pairs and am scoping out my next pair (emerald green? sapphire?). I have chronically bad feet and knees. What I always tell people when they ask if my Tieks are worth it is, “You put them in and it does NOT feel like you’re walking on a cushion of clouds. But 10 hours later, your feet don’t hurt.”


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