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Shop Small. Shop Local. Shop Plus.

For most of my life, my grandparents owned a small flooring business. Through them, I learned the importance of supporting local, small businesses. Shopping small helps you give back to your community by helping people provide for their families, invest in the local economy, and achieve their dreams. It is important to support businesses owners and makers that you know. You meet the faces of the brand and shake the hands that actually made the product you are buying. Plus, it is really awesome to get a personal hello, and maybe even a hug from the owner… I’m thinking of you, Stacey Hall.


I live in St. Charles, MO… a community just west of St. Louis, known for being the town Lewis and Clark began their Westward exploration of the United States. The best part of St. Charles is its beautiful downtown. Brick streets are lined with an amazing array of gift shops, boutiques, and cafes blooming with beautiful local wares. Our Main Street is home to festivals all year long. Honestly, I feel spoiled to live in such a great Midwestern artist community!

For this post, I thought I would share some of my favorite local shops to visit, specifically focusing on plus size fashion. I hope to create a series of posts, highlighting some of my favorite local businesses. If you are in my local area, consider supporting these great stores. If not, you should plan a trip here because St. Louis is awesome and so much is free!

1. Jake’s On Main

Jake’s On Main is a boutique that sells merchandise from the Life Is Good outdoor lifestyle brand. They offer graphic tees, bottoms, bags, jewelry, socks, tumblers, and a variety of other outdoor gear. Clothing is offered for men, women, and children in sizes XS-3X. The tees are well-made and soft with beautiful designs and motivational quotes. Especially if you are a fan of outdoor sports, this place offers some cute gear. A portion of the sales always go to children’s charities too, which is an awesome bonus.

2. FR&Co.

FR&Co. is a beautiful gift store, offering locally printed home decor, accessories, and boutique women’s clothing. I fell in love with this store for the snarky office supplies and mugs. It also introduced me to Evil Queen Candles, which are delightfully clever and smell amazing. The store carries lovely clothing (similar in style to Anthropologie) at affordable prices. Recently, they expanded to add plus size clothing through 3X. I will definitely be checking their ever rotating stack of new items.

3. Happy Camper Clothing Co.

Happy Camper Clothing Co. sells locally designed and printed tees, hoodies, and drinkware, along with a few other accessories and home decor. The shirts are super soft, beautifully designed, and available in size XS-3X. They change the theme of the store seasonally along with the shirt designs. They do custom orders too… they have done an amazing job with shirts for my school choir the last few years. The company holds special events during the year. In addition to their storefront, they are represented in a few other gift shops in St. Charles County. Plus, I can say without a doubt, the owners are two of the nicest, most humble, and encouraging people on earth. It is a joy to step in the door of this store!

4. Joy’s Collective Market

Joy’s Collective Market is a large, converted barn that houses booths maintained by a variety of local artisans. You can find everything from vintage home decor, to handmade jewelry, to pretty succulents. Every corner of the store is full of treasures. It’s a really neat space full of interesting things. I have had the chance to partner with a few of the artists on their branding. I have a special heart for Cuffs That Inspire, The Compton Company, AR Designs 314, and Wandering Ash Tree. I will say, the place has taken on a little more of a hippie vibe in the last couple of years, which is not my favorite. I love the 50’s vibe it used to have, but the space is definitely worth checking out.

For more information on St. Charles, MO and their Main Street shops and festivals, check out

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