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What’s In My Teacher Bag?

My new teacher bag is beautiful and custom designed!

I am a girl who likes to be prepared for anything. My handbags often border on being luggage. People raise an eyebrow and ask if I am carrying a few bricks with me. It’s like a Mary Poppins bag of treasures. I just like to carry everything I might possibly need during the day. (I passed this trait on to one of my nieces, who has been known to have some strange things in her bags.) My school bag is also packed to be ready for whatever comes my way. I travel between two buildings and need to make sure I always have my supplies on hand.

Every summer, my mother in law generously supplies me with some beautiful new goodies for the school year. I find that Vera Bradley creates the best teacher totes. So, I create a wish list on their site and a week or so later, something pretty arrives in the mail! This year, I chose to create a custom tote on their site. My mother in law even included a custom, encouraging message to keep me going during the school year. I love how it turned out, with beautiful emerald green and polka dots. This is the Iconic Vera Tote. It has six internal and two external pockets and plenty of space to store all my stuff. It’s lightweight and zips shut (when I don’t have it crammed too full.)

This custom message inside my bag encourages me to slay the day!

So… what kinds of things do I need every day? Come take a gander inside my school bag…

Plum Paper Teacher Planner: In a world where everyone keeps digital records of everything, I am still a paper planner girl. I like using stickers and colorful pens to make the plans prettier and more organized. This planner from Plum Paper is fully customizable. I love how I can add what sections are relevant for me as a middle/high school teacher and even add my own class schedule. This planner is my life! (More in a future post!)

Music Binder: I need to carry all of the music scores we are currently working on in class. I use a padfolio from Amazon, giving me space to organize all my music in order, store extra pencils, and keep a legal pad to make notes about daily rehearsals.

MacBook Air: I love my computer! It is lightweight and easily connects to all of my other devices. (The Snow White sticker I got from Amazon gives it a touch of Disney magic!)

Pinch Provisions Emergency Kit: This is a cute way to carry all of the little things you may never know you will need until it is too late. The tiny glitter bomb pouch contains 17 personal care items that every girl needs, including a tampon, nail file, hairspray, band aid, sewing kit, breath spray, ibuprofen, and more! Trust me, this is extremely handy!

Pencil Pouch: This bad mamma jamma is stuffed to the gills with my favorite writing tools. Papermate Flair Pens and Clearpoint Pencils are everything! I get really grumpy when people permanently borrow them from my stash. I always add in a few highlighters, Sharpies, Expo markers, and fun pens to have on hand, along with Post It notes and correction tape. My planner, papers, and hall passes are in good shape when I have my pencil pouch on hand.

Snacks: Girl gets HUNGRY, yo! I always have a little snack in my bag in case of the munchies. Usually, you can find a spare Clif Bar, a pack of gum, and some form of candy. Right now it is Haribo Halloween gummies, because I love fall and Haribo are the only gummy candy worth eating.

Thinking Putty: Part stress reliever, part boredom reducer… Crazy Aaron’s thinking putty comes in handy often. There’s nothing like stretching and popping the little air bubbles in this strange substance when you need to distract your mind. It comes in a ton of colors, finishes (glitter, glow in the dark, color changing), and scents.

This school year has started off with a bang. Soon my bag will also be stuffed with papers to grade, permission slips to file, and tasks to be completed. Whatever comes my way, I will be prepared with my magical teacher bag.

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