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What Did You Do Over Summer Vacation?

You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. Today is my last day of summer vacation. Each summer, I start off with lofty expectations of balancing time spent unplugging my brain for a bit with tackling projects I never have time to do during the busy school year. When… Continue reading What Did You Do Over Summer Vacation?

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Why Am I A Teacher?

Teaching... sigh... what will it be like to teach in 2021? In just two short weeks, I will start my 21st year as a music educator. As a fresh-faced, college graduate, this point in my career seemed to be light years away... but here we are. I'm now one of the "old people" in the… Continue reading Why Am I A Teacher?

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Adventures With A Ginormous Water Bottle

Hydration.... yeah, I know it's important. Water does a body good, right? I mean, your body is chock full of water! It keeps your joints loose, prevents many ailments, cleanses your body of toxins, and gives your skin a healthy glow. Water makes you feel good, and it tastes pretty good too. Hooray, water! However,… Continue reading Adventures With A Ginormous Water Bottle


I Never Wanted To Be A YouTuber

I never wanted to be a YouTuber... and I still don't. Yet, 2020 has played a dirty trick on me! The school where I teach is 100% virtual for at least the first quarter... possibly even longer. That means I must create at least 30 video lessons a week. Just me, alone in my classroom,… Continue reading I Never Wanted To Be A YouTuber


Back To School?

August 2020 is here, as weird as that sounds, and it's time to start preparing for school! The aisles of Target are filled with shiny new binders, bouquets of Flair pens, and piles and piles of pencils. This time of year, I can usually be found wandering the Back To School section with my chai… Continue reading Back To School?