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Summer Bucket List

One of the best parts about being a teacher is the opportunity we have each June and July to relax, rejuvenate, and review. During the school year, we have so much on our plates between lesson planning, after school coaching, grading, curriculum writing, and “other duties as assigned” that self care becomes virtually impossible. The weekends are sometimes so full with just completing all the other things we are forced to ignore all week that we rarely have time to do something that just renews our heart. Summer is that wonderful, amazing time where we can work a few of those things into our schedule.

We are now just four weeks away from the start of summer vacation. While it will still be a bit busy with family visits and graduations in the beginning, I’m looking forward to some quiet days alone. I want to be intentional about accomplishing a few things this summer that will bring me joy. In addition to enjoying the outdoors, a bit of travel, and some sunshine, here’s what I’d like to do during summer 2023.

Plant and cultivate an herb garden: Something I have wanted to do for a while now is to plant a raised bed herb garden. I like cooking and making cocktails with fresh herbs but I hate how expensive they are at the store. I’d love to have a place where I can go clip off the amount I need and have more for later. Plus, it will be fragrant and aesthetically adorable. I plan to plant mint, cilantro, rosemary, sage, basil, and lavender.

Learn to embroider: Between the YouTubers I watch and my Pinterest feed, I’ve seen a lot of really beautiful embroidery projects. It seems simple enough of a hobby to learn, and I could use some of what I make to get a head start on holiday gifts. There are some autumnal floral patterns that are calling to me that need to become throw pillows.

Read 20 books: My goal for the year is 50. If I could cross off at least 20 during the summer, that would put a huge dent in accomplishing that goal. I want to dive into a lot of genres and tackle a few classics I’ve never read.

Watch Anne of Green Gables: The 1985 CBC version of this story is one of my all-time favorite movies. It has been quite some time since I revisited this beautiful film and I can’t wait to enjoy it, curled up on the couch with a cup of tea.

Repaint the kitchen and cabinets: My kitchen has looked the same for almost 21 years. I am tired of it and think it needs a new shine. I want to add some touches of Mid-Century modern color and design to make it flow nicely into my newly redecorated living room.

Host a Retro-Tiki Party: For years I have wanted to host a backyard luau. I’ve imagined it many times in my mind… complete with laughter, vintage glassware, Hawaiian inspired food and cocktails, a retro-fab playlist, tiki torches, and an adorable floral print dress. It would be the highlight of my summer. I just need to find some friends to invite first…

Journal and plan: I have always loved to write and to make plans for the future. Sadly, I have kind of lost my way the last few years, for obvious reasons. This summer, I want to spend more time in my journal and begin a new planner that I will actually use. I need the space to keep dreaming and to work through the noise in my mind.

Read through Psalms and Proverbs: Something else I have been working through the last year is figuring out my faith. My heart has always resonated with the writings of David. I recently bought a journaling Bible version of these two books and want to spend some time working through what the words within are saying to me.

Summer vacation always seems endless in the beginning, and by August, I look around and think, “Where did it go, and what did I even do?” I hope that by trying to complete some of these goals I will feel ready to begin school with my heart full and a list of accomplishments behind me. Here’s to surviving the last 20 days and to living summer to the fullest!

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