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The Couple That Dresses Up Together…

With the end of October comes Halloween. While the holiday used to be a night reserved for kids to get dressed up and beg for candy around the neighborhood, or for college kids to get dressed in as little clothing as possible to binge drink all night, Halloween has grown into a holiday where people of every age can have a little fun. Costume parties have become a popular activity at any age. Fortunately, we have a few friends that like getting in the Halloween Spirit. Our adult costume parties involve great snacks, a fully-stocked bar, karaoke, lots of laughter, bonfires, and once…our very own cotton candy girl that decorated the sweet treat with spiders and glitter!

After we receive an invitation to the party, we begin planning our costumes for the year. Finding the perfect costume to suit your personalities as a couple can be a lot of work. Some couples go for creativity, trying to come up with a clever way to use household items to make up their costume. Others go for the easy, corny costumes they sell at Spirit Halloween Store. Some couples enjoy being tacky, or scary, or funny.

We don’t do any of those things. We Nafzigers like to go big, finding a costume that builds on our common interests and makes us look real good. As a Plus Size couple, that takes a little more work. We always find a way to use a few things from our closet, along with some new things we pick up, to create our look. We love dressing up and take pride in what we are able to put together. We don’t win Best Couple every year for nothing!

Here’s a peek into our Hall of Fame…

Swell Speakeasy
Live Long And Prosper
Off To See The Wizard
Step In Time
We Found Love In Hufflepuff House
Off To Never Never Land

So… What did we do for 2019? Well, Jeff wanted an excuse to wear his suit, and the 20’s are only a couple months away, so we decided to go with Welcome to the 20’s 2.0. Jeff’s costume was created entirely from items he already owned, including his black suit and costume pieces he wore in 2010. How very thrifty of him!

Welcome to the 20’s 2.0
You’re the bee’s knees

Not me though… ’cause that’s not how I roll. However, I did find some great bargains to put my look together and step my game up a notch. I found my black and gold beaded gown on Unique Vintage for less than half price. The dress is made by GatsbyLady in London and is an absolute dream, though it weighs about 20 pounds. I paired it with a feathered headband and black shoes bought on Amazon, and fishnet tights from Torrid. Throw in some lavaliere pearls that I bought at Torrid years ago, my wedding earrings (1928 Jewelry from Lazarus in the 90’s), and you have a look that is ready to dance the night away in an underground gin joint.

Gatsby Lady London knocked it out of the park with this dress

How do you think we did? What will be in store for next October? The wheels are already turning.

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