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Why Autumn Is Amazing… A Love Letter

Dear Autumn,

I love you. You should just know that right now. Ever since I was a little girl, there has been something about your entrance in the world that has set my heart on fire. When the days get shorter, and the temperatures get cooler, and the trees are splashed with a brilliant palette of red and gold, my soul lights up.

I have loved you long before it was popular or before it was what “basic girls” do. I think that being born in November just planted something deep within me that lets me know Autumn is where I belong. To the rest of the world, you signal endings, but for me… it is a rebirth.

There are so many reasons I love you. Here are just a few… Apples. Pumpkin Patches. Boots. Sweaters. Hot Chocolate. Hay rides. Bonfires. College football. Candy corn. Oktoberfest. Crunchy leaves. Crisp mornings. Scarves. Thanksgiving Dinner. Cider. Caramel Corn. Jackets. Birthday Coupons. Fall scents. Cloudy Days. Cuddling. Chili. Blankets. Glitter. Plaid.

The only regret I have in loving you is that you visit for such a short time. In the Midwest, you seem to leave as quickly as you arrive. Maybe that makes me love you more. All I know is, while you are here, I will cherish you. I will take long walks and crunch in your leaves. I will sip steamy cups of tea. I will breathe the air deeply with my eyes closed and soak you in. Maybe, if I enjoy you enough, you’ll stay around a bit longer. I’m so glad that you are here.

Always, Your November Girl

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