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Hi everyone! I know I have gained new readers on my blog since I started the page in spring 2019. Some of you are my family and friends that encouraged me to be here. Others are strangers who have found me through social media connections. In either case, I’m glad you’re here. I thought it might be nice to reintroduce myself and tell you a bit about the blog and how I ended up here in the first place.

For the readers who don’t know me, I’m Jenn… a 40-something high school music teacher, living in suburban St. Louis, MO. I have been married to the love of my life, Jeff, for almost 20 years. We don’t have any children, but we have been the proud pet parents of three wonderful dachshunds over the years, including our cranky, yet sweet old girl, Scout, who is currently 13 going on 1,000. I’m an ENFJ and an Enneagram 4w3… so I have a lot of feelings. I love adventure, travel, tea, books, music, pop culture, food, wine/beer/spirits, Christmas, Disney, and of course, fashion!

I never set out to be a blogger or an influencer. In fact, most of the time, I still feel like I need to apologize for myself when I tell people that I have a blog. I just like to talk and have a lot of passions. (It’s that 4w3 in me, I suppose.) Over the years I’ve had a lot of friends ask for my advice about things… what to wear, where to eat, what to do. I don’t know… I guess people think I am fun and I know stuff… which is funny to me. I have planned vacations for friends, stood outside their dressing rooms and thrown things over the door, hosted parties, taken them on adventures, and given out lots of dinner recommendations.

After asking for advice, my friends and students kept telling me the same thing… “You should start a blog.” For years, I would poo poo the idea. I don’t think I am a great writer, and who would want to listen to ME anyway? I’m just a high school teacher from the Midwest… who in the world would care what I have to say? But, this year, I finally decided to take them up on it, gained some courage, and set out to write my first post. While I still don’t think I have it figured out yet, I’ve had a lot of fun. Hopefully someone is listening.

Since starting my blog, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with some really amazing people. The blogger/influencer community can be so kind and encouraging. I’ve been able to network, attend lectures, participate in launch events, be part of photo shoots, and talk with other bloggers about my passions. I’ve talked with brand managers, St. Louis creatives, and local businesses to give my thoughts about ways to reach the plus size community. I’ve even had the chance to help some people in the community launch their own dreams. Though my reach is still super small and I feel WAY out of my element most of the time, I’m learning to be more confident in myself. I hope that brands and influencers have gained a little bit from me too.

Here’s what I aim to do with Forty Fat And Fabulous…

Fashion Inspiration: I’ve always had a love for fashion! Whether it was playing with Fashion Plates, ripping pages from Seventeen to create a look book, or studying Color Me Beautiful with my Aunt Linda, I have been creating thoughtful looks to wear since I was young. I’ve always wanted to wear what made me happy. (Except for in junior high, when all I wanted to do was fit in… those were dark times.) As an adult, I have a closet full of clothes and accessories that help me express myself for every mood, season, and celebration. (Some call it hoarding… I call it inspiration!) Specifically focusing on outfits for plus size career women, I hope to create posts that inspire my readers to take chances and wear what makes them happy too.

Body Positivity: I have spent a lifetime learning to love myself in the body I have been given. Let’s face it, we all have things we dislike about ourselves, but I have had a long, unhealthy journey with some of my flaws. Finally, in my forties, I have learned that ALL bodies are good bodies. I’ve learned to proudly love myself for all the things that are awesome about me, and to stop apologizing for the things that are not. I hope to encourage my students, my loved ones, and anyone who reads this blog to unapologetically and fiercely love themselves out loud.

Shopping and Supporting Local Business: I adore making connections with creative and passionate people! Something that is super important to me is supporting the passions and talents of artisans in my own back yard. Through my blog, I hope to highlight and help readers connect with businesses in St. Louis that are doing great things. Shop Local. Eat Local. Drink Local.

Other Stuff: I have lots of thoughts and feelings to share. (Again 4w3!) Part mind dump, part journal, part inspiration board… I hope that all of my blog posts strike a chord with someone. Maybe you will travel somewhere new… or find a new way of thinking… or be inspired to eat something you wouldn’t have before. I want my blog to inspire you to try something different.

Your’e still reading? That’s awesome! I’m glad that you’re here. Thanks for supporting my dreams as an accidental blogger.

6 thoughts on “The Accidental Blogger”

  1. I love reading your blog, Jenn! In the beginning it was a way to easily connect with an Out-of-State Cousin, but it has become more of a “need”…you inspire and connect in ways you may never be aware of. I love your writing style…it truly makes my heart smile 🙂 Thanks for being such a Blessing in my life (and others) ❤


  2. I feel that you give courage to others who aren’t super confident in their skin, too! Love the body positivity focus you have, especially. Thanks for being so open and real.


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