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Trying New Stuff: Axe Throwing

The latest trend in group activities is… axe throwing? Yep… gather your friends and throw sharp objects at targets for fun, while drinking alcohol. Sounds great, right? While it seemed a bit stupid and dangerous to me, that’s what my lovely husband, Jeff, wanted to do to celebrate his 43rd birthday. So… I agreed to try it, though I am one of the most hopelessly uncoordinated people I know.

For $35 per person, we booked a 1.5 hour session at Top Notch Axe Throwing in Cottleville. (There are places like this in almost every city, so find a place nearby if you aren’t in St. Louis.) Upon arrival, each group is assigned an area, similar to a bowling alley, with a table and stools, facing caged targets. The facility is BYOB, which is awesome because we were able to drink what we wanted at a fraction of the cost. Our group brought a selection of craft beers and ciders to share. Armed with our coolers and a bit of apprehension, we stepped into the shop ready for an evening of adventure.

The session started with an instructor, who guided us on how to safely and effectively throw our axes. He watched us for a bit, until we got the hang of it, then gave us a sheet with competitive games to play and let us go. At first, I was complete crap, landing nothing and looking rather feeble. But, after a bit, I got the hang of the stride and found that throwing and landing was pretty easy. It’s more about form and less about actual skill. (The stride is also similar to approaching a bowling lane… and my bowling average is like an 80!) I even scored a few bullseyes during the evening.

Honestly, the experience was a blast! Our group had a lot of fun playing the games and trash talking each other. We had great conversation, laughed a lot, enjoyed good beer, and discovered who would be the best lumberjack. (Hint… it was not me.) Part of the way through our session, the instructor allowed us to play with throwing stars and cards too. While I had little trouble throwing the axes, the stars and cards were pretty difficult to get the hang of. (My dreams of being a ninja were completely dashed!)

As silly as it seems, axe throwing was a ton of fun and something our group would absolutely do again. Whether for a group date, corporate outing, bachelor party, or birthday party, this is a great way to bond with your friends and try something a little crazy in a safe space. Even the highly uncoordinated, like me, will have a great time. Go on and try something daring!

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