Festive Fashion: The Most Wonderful Time

If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning, you know I LOVE to dress up for every occasion. I don’t mind walking into a room and making a big statement. Sometimes my outfit almost enters a room before I do… and I totally do NOT feel ashamed of that. Fortunately, at Christmas time most people join me in celebrating with style. Yes, my fashion choices might still speak a bit louder, but everywhere you go people are dressed in the spirit of the season, creating camaraderie through clothing.

Over the past four or five years, my husband and I have accrued quite the collection of Christmas fashion. In fact, I have so many outfits that with a late Thanksgiving this year, I didn’t have time to wear it all. I wish I had a couple more weeks to dress up before packing everything away till next year. Alas, Christmas is just three days away and it’s time to wrap up the festive fashion for another year. Here is a quick recap, and a little information on how you can find some for yourself (maybe on end of season clearance… hooray!).

Vintage Inspired Dresses: My absolute favorite holiday fashions to wear are dresses with vintage inspired prints and silhouettes. They just FEEL festive! I always imagine that I could step right on to the set of White Christmas or It’s A Wonderful Life. Pop on a cozy cardigan, some colorful tights, and a vintage brooch and you are set for any holiday party. There are lots of options online for finding great holiday dresses. Check out: ModCloth, Unique Vintage, DressLily, eShakti, Eloquii, Torrid, or Shop Disney.

“Ugly” Christmas Sweaters: These are most certainly NOT ugly… in fact, I really enjoy a super colorful, overtly Christmas sweater! Gimme all the trees, and cute animals, and quirky catchphrases. Christmas sweaters are a fun way to say Happy Holidays in casual style. I have found some really awesome ones this season at Land’s End, Shop Disney, and good old WalMart.

All That Glitters: When it comes to holiday cocktail parties and dress-up occasions, a little sparkle and a swoosh of tulle are best. Keep it subtle with sweaters that have a little bit of glitter, or go big like I do with oodles of sequins. This year, I picked up a few amazing dressy looks at A’Beautiful Soul, Loft, and Torrid.

From top L-R: A’Beautiful Soul, Loft, Lane Bryant, and Torrid

Casual Tees and Tops: During December, I even try to make sure my tees for bumming around the house are festive as heck. Paired with a cute buffalo plaid top or a holiday colored cardigan and they are great for everyday wear too. I have found awesome, punny Christmas tees in just about every store in America… however, my favorites that I have picked up were made by small artisans, and helped me to support my passion for shopping local.

Accessorize That: Headbands, and earrings, and necklaces… oh my! There are so many tiny ways to spruce up your holiday look. From tiny sparkling bell earrings to obnoxious blinking neckwear, accessories are something anyone can wear to add a touch of festive. My favorite holiday addition is a festive brooch. I love the sparkly, vintage brooches that I have found at resale shops around town. This year, I’ve also added quite a collection of quirky and kitschy acrylic pins from Lipstick and Chrome and Erstwilder. They are perfection.

Once Christmas is over, the world seems to get a little more quiet, subtle, and frankly… kinda ugly. Winter is so gross. Sigh… For now, I will enjoy the last few days of festiveness I can.

Whatever you are wearing to celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Happy Holidays to all of you!

2 thoughts on “Festive Fashion: The Most Wonderful Time”

  1. Beautiful and festive! You look amazing in all your choices. Red and the Sparkle are your greatest styles.
    Merry Christmas 🎄❤️


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