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Date Night: Quarantine Camp-In

Of all the things that I thought I would write about in my blog… or even in my lifetime… I never thought I would be writing about ways to maintain sanity while in a mandatory quarantine. What a world! Is this real life? This is the end of the first week in the Upside Down and we were in need of a good date night. But what do you do when everything in the universe is closed and you have to maintain distance between yourself and everyone else you know? I give you… the Quarantine Camp-In!

First, we ordered a Quarantine Care Package from Narwhal’s Crafted and picked it up curbside. This deal included a fishbowl full of our favorite Narwhal’s frozen cocktail, 2 bamboo straws, 50 pretzel bites from STL Pretzel Boys, a take & bake pizza, two chocolate chip cookies, and two bottles of water from Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe, two Corona beers, a lime, and… wait for it… a ROLL OF TOILET PAPER! Heck yes! This gave us provisions for the whole night… plus we were able to show love to local businesses in the process!

** The shirt listed above is from Happy Camper Clothing Company. Go buy it now and wear it everywhere!

In the care package, we had the choice of any of Narwhal’s frozen cocktails from the menu. We ordered the Elderflower Gin Fizz. This 40 oz gem lasted us all the way through dinner and then some!

During dinner we turned on a camping playlist on Spotify. While listening to California Dreaming by the Mamas and the Papas, Jeff decided I should learn how to play the epic flute solo in the middle. So I busted out my flute and picked it out by ear. (I Googled it later to check and make sure I was right. I was…)

After dinner, we busted out the coloring books and the record player. We explored our creativity while listening to vintage Big Band records.

Then we decided to have a dance party. We took ballroom and swing dancing lessons once upon a time. We weren’t any good. (We still aren’t.)

Then, it was mask time… charcoal masks were a nice way to relax and make our faces feel so fresh and so clean (clean.)

Finally, it was time to snuggle into the tent and go nighty-night by a cozy fire under the stars. We chatted about the crazy times we were living in until we got sleepy. Then we woke up the next morning, remembering that people over 40 should not sleep on the floor… ouch. (But we had drive-thru Chick-Fil-A biscuits for breakfast, so that made it better.)

Yes, maybe we are silly, but it was a really fun date night for being stuck inside. In this time of uncertainty, get creative and find fun ways to spend time together. Some day, we will all be able look back at it and admire how resilient we were… and how we tried to make the best of an insane situation.

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