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2020 Plus Size Swimwear Preview: Loft

Shelter in place… what a strange thing to be doing over Spring Break! I can’t get a pedicure, go to the zoo, or wander the mall with a latte. However, I can sit at home with a drink and online shop… so that’s kind of the same thing, right? It makes swim try-on sessions a bit more complicated… browse a zillion websites; order; wait not so patiently for order; unbox; try on; decide what to keep; box up; send back; wait for refund. That’s why I am not a huge fan of online shopping… but here we are.

I was excited when I logged onto and found that many of their suits for this season were vintage inspired. I love a good vintage look! The belted tanks feel reminiscent of suits from the 1930’s. Most of Loft’s collection features suits in soft, pastel colors.

Belted One-Piece Suit in Pistachio

The first suit is the one I was most excited to try on. I was drawn to the soft pistachio color and the white and gold belt. Sadly, it ended up being my least favorite on my body. The cut didn’t work with my proportions, and the belt just emphasized my apple shape. Plus, the color didn’t pop on me at all. Maybe it would look better if I had a tan, but at present, it just washed me out and drew attention to my pasty thighs.

Belted Bandeau Tankini Suit in Bright Coral

Next, I tried another belted suit. I liked the fit of this suit much better. The belt sat just below the bust and featured a flared peplum. The suit was a two-piece with high-waisted bottoms, which felt more figure flattering (and easier to use in the bathroom.) The suit also came with removable shoulder straps which would definitely be useful in the ocean waves. The coral color was a lot brighter and prettier on me, but still more muted than I am used to.

Beach Garden One Piece Suit in Azure Glow

The final suit was definitely the best color for me. Though it was a pretty standard one-piece swimsuit, it did have a pretty key hole detail below the bust. It also fit securely and felt quite comfortable.

Unfortunately, none of the suits from Loft really drew me in. They were nice and functional, with some lovely details, but didn’t have the bright pop of color I enjoy during the summer. However, Loft continually releases new styles as the season goes on, so maybe I will have some luck closer to summer.

Stay tuned for another suit try-on session coming soon…

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