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Nectar Bath Treats Unboxing and Review

It’s January again. This month has been a few years long already. The only way to shake off those winter blues is to indulge in a little self care. That’s right, it’s time to… Treat. Yo. Self.

What are some of your favorite self care routines? A cup of tea? A manicure? A long chat with a friend? A brisk walk? All are perfect ways to give yourself a little TLC. I enjoy taking a hot shower with a fragrant, invigorating scrub to wash my worries away. That’s why I am so glad to have recently discovered the treasures available at Nectar Bath Treats!

Nectar Bath Treats is a beauty company based in Las Vegas, NV. The brand offers a variety of whimsical, plant-based, cruelty-free, paraben-free beauty products that are handcrafted each day by their creative employees! Every item is modeled after tasty treats like waffles, donuts, cookies, and milkshakes. Everything is absolutely adorable and looks good enough to eat!

Currently, there are 8 Nectar Bath Treats locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Pictures of the store make it look like such a happy and fun place to visit. Hopefully, post-pandemic, the company will find a way to expand a bit further east. No worries though! The Nectar Bath Treat website is bright, colorful, and easy to shop.

Nectar Bath Treats has a large variety of products to choose from, including fancy soaps, scrubs, and lotions. They have loofahs and scented candles, lip scrubs and lip balms, lotions and potions. They even have a line of products where you can customize your own scent. Plus, there are a ton of gift sets that are perfect for every special occasion.

My favorite items are the cupcake soaps. They smell wonderful and look adorable. I love the way they have a little touch of glitter to make them really shine.

Please check out my unboxing video on YouTube for more info! (Give me a like and follow while you’re at it!)

Visit Nectar Bath Treats to find a perfect treat for your Galentines and Valentines. Or better yet, indulge in a delectable bit of self-care. Make sure to use the coupon code FORTYFATANDFABULOUS to receive a sweet, sweet discount on your order.

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