Bodequality Is Here!

Shopping can be an exercise in frustration for a Plus Sized person. Yes, there are brands out there that cater to Plus Size customers, (thank goodness for Arula and Torrid), but sometimes, you just want to go shopping with everyone else. It’s just annoying to stand by while everyone else shops… or making everyone wait while you go in a store by yourself. (It’s easier to just resign yourself to only fitting into socks and earrings to go with the flow.)

Even when brands offer “select extended sizes,” they are shoved way in the back of the store or are only offered online. Most of the time, the clothes are completely different than what is offered in straight sizes. Matronly-cut versions of the straight style, boring solid colors, half-hearted attempts to throw fat people a bone. It all just feels like their way of saying, “See we tried… fat people just don’t want our clothes.” The thing is, we don’t want them because the brand didn’t bother to ask us what we wanted.

Well, let the revolution begin! Old Navy has thrown down the gauntlet before all other major retailers with their Bodequality movement. That’s right… you can now order all women’s styles in size 0-30, with many of the styles available in an actual store. No more Plus exclusives! You can now buy the same outfits across the size continuum.

Old Navy has offered Plus Sizes for a long time, actually. When the idea first launched in the early 2000’s, the styles were available in-store. However, the brand moved them to online exclusives years ago. To be honest, I kind of wrote them off and forgot about them as a brand when that happened… I guess they just stopped being on my radar.

Well, someone at Old Navy is pretty savvy. Their marketing team really, truly listened to customer feedback, and made some pretty significant changes. Most exciting to me is their use of models, making it possible to see products on a variety of body shapes and sizes. I LOVE that I can see someone who looks like ME before I make the choice to purchase something.

The company has also reengineered the fit of the clothing to be more flattering on diverse body types. There is a whole section of the site dedicated to genderless clothing as well. The best part? The clothes at Old Navy are affordable, making it possible for everyone to find clothes that make them feel good.

This is progress, people! I like that there‘s a company that is actually LISTENING and WILLING to honor all people in what they push to market. I can’t wait to head to my local store and support the revolution.

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