My Autumn Style Essentials

Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year! The trees burst with color… the temperatures become cool and crisp… we get ready to celebrate with family during the coming months… and the world prepares in wonder to enjoy the beauty of change and renewal. Now, October has arrived… that means autumn has officially arrived, right? Sigh… not if you live in St. Louis! My A/C is still running full blast, the mosquitoes are still biting, and it is still stupidly humid outside. Maybe next week?

Fall fashion is my favorite… shades of pumpkin, plum, sage, navy, and mustard… loads and loads of denim… chunky knit sweaters… rich, leather boots… they all equal joy! While it still may be warm, I’m ready to switch over my closet and enjoy all the autumn style. Here’s what you will find me living in over the next few months…

Mad Amounts of Plaid: Plaid is the perfect pattern for fall. There’s something aesthetically pleasing about seeing plaid set against an autumn sky. Put it on my pillows. Give me a twill skirt. Wrap me up in flannel. Be it a buffalo check or a traditional tartan, plaid is an autumn staple.

Cozy Sweaters: Sweaters are like a hug… safe, soft, cozy, and warm. I love a chunky, cable knit as much as a fine-gauge v-neck and a quirky statement sweater. However, cardigans are an absolute MUST in everyone’s closet. They add a pop of color and sophistication to any look. Plus, cardigans are perfect for the transition of seasons… keeping you warm in the cool of the morning, and allowing you to feel cooler in the humid afternoon.

The Perfect Pair of Jeans: Denim is America’s most iconic contribution to the world of style. They are easy-going, durable, and easily transformable from casual to dressy. Jeans are available in so many washes, styles, and fits, it’s impossible not to find a pair that you love. (Bonus if they make your butt look good!)

There are many, MANY places to find plus size denim. While I own pairs from several different stores, I find that Torrid jeans best fit the contours of my body and hugs me in all the right places. My favorite are the Bombshell Skinny.

Colorful Tights: I haven’t always loved wearing tights. In fact, as a kid…I HATED them. (I may or may not have taken them off in the bathroom at school, shoved them in my backpack, and put them back on before I got home.) However, I have found over the last few years that tights are awesome. They keep my legs warm, cover up all my old lady scars, and as an added bonus are actually cute. Tights add extra color and texture to an outfit and come in tons of solids and patterns…from sophisticated to completely quirky.

I absolutely swear by Snag Tights. These things are a game changer! They are soft, easy to put on, and actually FIT!

All The Boots: Knee high, mid-calf, or bootie style… I need them all! Boots are my go-to footwear for autumn. They add the perfect touch of style to both jeans and dresses for work or the weekend.

As a person with large, wide, flat feet, I find that Torrid has the best options for boots. Though, when it comes to genuine leather, I have found Land’s End has the best options.

Structured Jackets: Much like a cardigan, a cute jacket can add warmth and elevate an outfit. Jackets made from brushed twill or a lightweight denim are easy to wear both inside and outdoors. Add details like a tapered waist or a peplum to dress the jacket up even more and make it the perfect professional fit.

Gahhhh… I love fall clothes. If you see me around town randomly lying on the ground in a pile of leaves, or singing and twirling down the street on a rainy day… don’t mind me. I am just living my best life in my favorite clothes. Pull on your sweater, grab a latte and join me!

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