A Handy-Dandy Guide To Festive Fashion

Ok, so I know I am a little late to the party with this post. Ideally, I should have written it in November, but you know… I’m a music teacher, and this is the holiday season which means I have approximately five minutes to breathe and go to the restroom each day. Despite the busyness, I’ve been rocking my festive self each day at school. I am the kind of girl that believes there is always a reason to get gussied up and celebrate. Christmas time is my favorite though!

As a teacher, I have an excuse to wear something over-the-top festive from Advent until Winter Break. Dressing for the holidays makes my heart happy, and helps me share cheer with everyone in the building. (In fact, I have to do a daily “‘fit check” with Miss Nicole, the Pre-K teacher across the hall.)

Being, Plus-Sized is definitely not a limitation when it comes to festive dressing either! There are a lot of brands producing fantastic pieces to make your wardrobe a little more cheerful. Maybe you don’t know where to start though. Here are my go-to brands and pieces for the Holiday Season. It may be a little late for this year, but hey… that means you can hit up the clearance rack and make next December amazing!

Where To Shop: These are my favorite places to find festive fashions for every day of the season.

  • Eloquii: sequined and jewel-tone pieces that are high quality, but also reasonably priced
  • Unique Vintage: beautiful vintage silhouettes and novelty prints that are a dream
  • ModCloth: nostalgia and novelty with a dash of feminism
  • Torrid: have the best Plus Size basics year-round with fun holiday pieces to boot
  • Walmart: the best source for novelty sweaters… cute and cheap is a win
  • Snag Tights: beautiful, quality, great fitting tights in every color of the rainbow
  • Laliblue Shop: absolutely the most beautiful, nostalgic brooches
  • Lipstick and Chrome: novelty accessories and brooches galore

The Novelty Niche: Everyone loves a good Christmas sweater, but why stop there? There are millions of skirts and dresses out there, emblazoned with everything from snowmen, to Santa, and even Charlie Brown. Christmas is your excuse to wear loud, cheerful prints every single day with no judgement from the world around you. Rock your inner child and decorate yourself from head to toe!

Shimmer And Shine: The holiday season is the perfect time to adorn yourself in all that glimmers. Is it covered in glitter and sequins?! Give the world the gift of your presence and strut your party girl down the street!

Nostalgia Is Nice: Do you feel pulled in by the nostalgia of watching White Christmas, listening to Andy Williams, and sipping festive cocktails? Channel your inner Rosemary Clooney and don a throwback look for your holiday parties. Twirling around in a full skirt and a petticoat feels incredible!

Beautiful Brooches: Speaking of nostalgia, brooches are a great way to add just a tiny bit of festivity to your look. Maybe you don’t feel like diving in completely to a festive style. Clipping a sparkly brooch to your sweater or coat levels up your look with minimal effort. Vintage is always my favorite, but there are so many great vintage-inspired creations out there too!

Mad For Plaid: Plaid is a classic for the holidays. Dress it up. Dress it down. Dress your whole family in plaid and put it on your Christmas card. It’s perfect for the season, no matter what.

Radiant In Red: Red is powerful, festive, and fierce. It will carry you from the holidays and all the way to Valentine’s Day. (No shade thrown at green, of course. I love it too. Plus, St. Patrick’s Day, anyone?)

Family Jammies: I am completely on board with this relatively recent trend… and fortunately, so is my husband. (My dog, not so much.) Christmas Eve and Christmas morning photos look fab with your whole family dressed in the same thing, right?

Hopefully you feel inspired to find a fun new piece to add to your wardrobe… even if it is next Christmas. Spread some joy through your style. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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