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The Perfect Sports Bra?

Generic, one-size-fits-all approaches to fashion never work out well for any of us. Every single body has unique details and needs. Few of us have the talent to create our own clothes, or the means to pay for a bespoke wardrobe though. Most of us just settle for the best we can get. This is especially true of fitted pieces like undergarments.

Sports bras are one of those items I’ve never been able to make peace with. I’ve never found a sports bra I loved. First of all, I hate the wrestling match they require to put on, similar to shoving a bag of water into an Ace Bandage. Then, there’s the silhouette they create, making my boobs look more like a Chipotle burrito under my shirt. And the support? I have never found a single sports bra that actually kept anything in place during an activity with any sort of impact…especially tap dancing.

Over the years, I have had a few friends recommend the brand, Shefit. The Shefit sports bra is super customizable, with adjustability on every part of the bra. The brand made it big after appearing on Shark Tank in 2016, touting a bra that works for all women, cup sizes AA to I. The creator, Sara Moylan, truly worked to create a sports bra that honors and works for all women.

While the concept of a fully adjustable bra seemed cool, they were more expensive than I really wanted to invest in. However, a few weeks ago, I caught a good sale and took the plunge. I picked up two different colors for $39.99 each. The first thing that really impressed me was the way the bras were packaged, coming in a wash bag with a tape measure… (that I am going to pretend isn’t about reducing my size or making sweet gains in the gym.)

I ordered the Ultimate Sports Bra, designed for high impact activity. The bra features a “zip-cinch-lift” fit and two-way stretch fabric that reduces bounce when moving. It has a zip-front closure, with hidden hook and eyes, that create extra support and stability. The shoulders and the back band feature velcro straps that allow you to fully customize the bra for the perfect lift and shape for your body.

The bra was super easy to put on and to adjust. It truly does lift and separate like a regular bra, allowing me to have a more feminine shape. It’s extremely breathable, cutting down on the swamp boob feeling. Plus it keeps things quite secure, ensuring that “the girls” aren’t going anywhere while the rest of me is bouncing about.

I can say with confidence that the Shefit bra is worth every penny. If you have struggled to find something that keeps you secure and comfortable during your workout, this will be the brand for you. I will never buy another type of sports bra again.

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