Plus Size Clothing Review: Ulla Popken

Since the moment Loft gave up on its Plus Size collection, I have been on the search for another go-to company for work clothes. In my classroom, I want to mix fun and festive clothing with professional and polished looks. I’ve really struggled to find the perfect brand. I’ve tried a brand that suits my style more than skulls and roses, urban street-wear, or grandma chic. Brick and mortar locations have kind of left me high and dry, so I have to rely on finding my niche online. I believe I finally found my answer…

Ulla Popken is a Plus Size fashion brand based in Germany. While their physical locations are scattered throughout Europe, the company has a strong online presence in the US, as well as a physical catalog. (Side note: I MISS catalogs and magazines!) I did have the opportunity to visit a store in Mannheim, Germany more than ten years ago. While I purchased a few things, I kind of forgot about them once I got home. When an Ulla Popken catalog would occasionally arrive in the mail, a quick scan made me think of them as adjacent to Roamans. I mean, I’m glad the brand exists for others, but it isn’t for me. Well, listen up… that is NOT the case!

I have totally been sleeping on Ulla Popken and you probably have been too! True, there are some pieces on Ulla’s site that are more mature and blousy than the clothes that appeal to me, but there is SO much more. Shopping at Ulla Popken is a like a treasure hunt, full of unique, European inspired silhouettes, fabrics, and styles. They offer a little bit of everything. Dresses. Separates. Loungewear. Lingerie. Swimwear. Work Wear. Formal Wear. Outerwear. In fact, the only thing I wish they offered that they don’t now, is accompanying accessories. With so much to offer online, you are bound to find clothes that speak to you.

Ulla even offers a handful of officially licensed shirts. I mean, how cute is this Oktoberfest Mickey Mouse tee? Perfect for enjoying a beer at Epcot’s Germany Pavilion.

Over the last year, I have made several purchases from Ulla Popken, and have been honored to be gifted a few pieces as well. Their site is vast, and can be a bit overwhelming to shop from if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Honestly, I just like scrolling through each category and filling my online Wish List. Then, I circle back later and add the things I love most to my cart.

I’ve been pleased with the quality of the clothing. The items feel well-made and withstand washing nicely. I love that what I’m wearing is unique. I know that when I step out in Ulla, no one else around me will be wearing the same thing. Shipping from Europe is surprisingly quick and the customer service representatives are excellent. Though the price points do look a little steep, the company sends out coupon codes often. Check out the things I love most about what the brand has to offer…

Traditional German Costumes: My first connection with the brand came online when I was searching for a dirndl to wear for Oktoberfest. I wanted something authentic, not just a Halloween costume. Ulla Popken offers a lot of gorgeous, high-quality dirndls. I felt absolutely incredible and received lots of compliments on my outfit.

Studio Untold: The Studio Untold brand aims to create on-trend styles for a younger demographic. These are the clothes that speak to me the most. Studio Untold has beautiful dresses for work, fashion forward activewear, bold graphic tees, and outfit building basics. Pieces in this collection are also a bit more tailored, giving the wearer a defined curvy silhouette. Everything I own from this collection are things that I reach for again and again.

The Slim Fit Ribbed tee is one of the best shirts I have ever owned. It’s incredibly flattering and hugs my curves just right. I need to buy it in ever color.

Swimwear: I picked up two swimsuits from Ulla Popken this year. They are now my favorite suits. Both provide great coverage, even while being active… no wedgies or wardrobe malfunctions. The cut accentuates the positive and distracts the eye from the negative. I adore the color block suit because it reminds me of the “Bubblegum Wall” at Epcot, and it has gold shimmer thread woven through it to let me shine bright by the pool.

Work Wear: Dresses and cardigans are my unofficial work uniform. Dresses make me feel professional and comfortable in my classroom all day, and cardigans provide a pop of color that can be removed when I start feeling too warm. Ulla Popken offers a wide array of dresses in midi and knee lengths that are perfect for me. And the cardigans are out of this world! There is a great variety of different weights, knits, and colors.

Outerwear: I will say, I haven’t purchased outerwear from Ulla yet. However, I love a good coat, especially one in a fantastic cut or interesting color. The site has some great options that I have been keeping my eye on… provided it actually gets cold enough to wear one this year.

This leather moto jacket is the cut and color of my dreams. I sincerely hope they plan to restock this in my size. PLEASE?!?!?

Lounge Wear and Intimates: When I get home from work, the first thing I want to do is get cozy! Ulla Popken has leggings, sweatshirts, tees, and jammies that help me unwind. I particularly like the Pure line of clothing. This collection of cozy and casual pieces are made of sustainable, organic cotton. That means you can feel good about feeling good in an Earth-conscious way. Bonus!

If you are a Plus Sized professional and have found yourself lost in the fashion world, trying to find a place you belong, I would encourage you to check out Ulla Popken. Grab a cup of tea and scroll the website. I hope you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was in finding a brand you love too.

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